2024 General Election


He’s very scared. Delaying it until the autumn :joy::joy:

That was always gonna be the case no? They want as much time as possible to score points.

I imagine it’ll be in October, before the American election.

Who will / would you vote for in the 2024 General Election
  • Conservative
  • Labour
  • Lib Dem
  • SNP
  • Other Party
  • Independent
  • Spoil Ballot / Abstain from voting

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If it’s anywhere near the American election there will be idiots complaining they couldn’t find Trump on the ballot.

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Simply don’t know yet, may abstain given the state of them all.

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The last one was in December of 2019, so I don’t find it unreasonable or even fearful of them to hold it in the 2nd half of the year, no.

There’s also the point that he really has two jobs to do, serve the King & country and also serve his party and it’s members by putting them in a good position ahead of the election - which is basicallly impossible at this point, lol.


Rishi’s planning on another 9 months of blaming Labour for not sorting out the mess the Tories have made, like he does in every PMQs. I’ve been told it’s May the 8th but things change.

I’ll be voting tactically to get the Tories out. I don’t like Labour or Keir Starmer. I’d love to vote Green or Lib Dem as they mostly align with my political views but the country needs a change and politics needs to move towards the centre.

I really hope that instead of spoiling your vote, you choose the party you most agree with. If (for example) the Lib Dems get 25% of the overall vote it will rattle the two big parties and force a conversation about Proportional Representation.

I voted Lib Dem in 2010. That was more than enough to convince me I’ll never vote for them again.

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Unfortunately another 11 months to trash the country and loot as much as possible then


I don’t think there’s that much support for Labour in reality. I can readily believe that people don’t want to vote Tory but the swing required to bring about that result is insane considering the majority Johnson won in 2019.

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I cannot see an eventuality where Tories retain power. The support Boris garnered is long since gone

I think the Tories losing is possible / probable. A Labour super-majority seems a long way off though.

Considering this Tory government has been the worst since Thatcher was PM, Labour should win by a landslide.

But as useless as they’ve been, Labour have been equally as poor and ineffective in opposition.

Working class people aren’t interested in woke left wing agendas, what they want is more public spending on infrastructure, health, education and the police and stopping the rampant ripping off of the public that big business has been allowed to do under the Tories.

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Maybe I’m just not seeing a ton of it in the States but the UK labour party doesn’t strike me as being particularly “woke” (whatever that means, nobody can ever really define it).

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All of those things will continue under Labour I think. They seem indistinguishable from the Tories in many respects.

It isn’t, but then, neither is the British public as a whole. So at least in that respect both Labour and the Tories are representative of their voters.

UK Politics has abandoned the working class, they’re just an means to an end.

The election campaign will probably be one of the most uninspiring for quite some time.


Purely from the point of view of being a politics junky, I think this could be a really hilarious election campaign. There are some hideously unqualified people in high places, some in those high places are ill-equipped to deal with the general public and the outcome on live tele could be very funny.

The Tories are also terrible when it comes to online campaigns so I predict the GE will be a clip-fest.

1997 was the last genuinely entertaining election even if I was a Lib Dem voter back then.


I think the change should be not having power bounce between the same two parties. Parties who have become so similar, that it is impossible to spot the difference.


First past the post is invincible in Britain. It will never change with the consent of the two main parties.

Election season means one thing: Terrible off base political takes from everyone and their aunt