2022 World Cup


Not only is Qatar contending with a shortage of accommodation - my friend who is based in Dubai was selling tickets for games. I asked how much for a GROUP STAGE game for Morocco and these were the prices…

So on top of massively overpriced hotels right now, the ticket prices for games are ridiculous.

It’s cheaper for me to travel to Qatar from Dubai and catch a night flight back to Dubai then it would be for me to just stay in Qatar for one night lol

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Yeah fuck that lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if this World Cup turns out to be a total shambles/flop.

A lot of my friends I know are totally boycotting it and won’t be watching even England games.

I’m very tempted to boycott it as well and maybe just watch Denmark games on repeat afterwards online.


I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t see English people not going mental once we win a couple of games.

I’m personally most interested to see what damage English fans can do to a desert :arteta2:


The police in Gulf states don’t fuck around as well lol. If you cause problems out there they’ll wrap you up in seconds lol


When I’d been to Dubai a couple years back, I felt the police over there were really helpful and polite with directions and stuff, but a few local friends told me they were a nightmare for the people who caused trouble. Was also cool to see police driving around in sports cars and stuff :grin:

I’ve spent roughly 2 months of my year in Dubai and seen two police cars the entire time and learned there is genuinely not even close to being a safer place that I’ve visited.

I used to hear about the sports police cars but I’ve never actually seen them lol

Had seen a couple in the palm Jumeirah area. Both were Bugatti I think

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Dunno how accurate the translation is. Doesn’t sound too far fetched though.

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Learn to respect human rights first then we’ll respect your country


Better get the respect warm up tops on in a few friendly games then before the teams fly out and then bury the heads in the sand dunes for a month.
Pathetic it is.


I’ll still watch this world cup because its football but man it’s not gonna sit well with me knowing that they’re playing in a country that threatens to jail people for flying LGBT flags, there’s corruption then there’s the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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I do wonder what would happen if some squads pull a Lewis Hamilton and put the flag prominently on their top somewhere

wtf are the Qataris going to do in response? Nothing I assume but then again it doesn’t really change anything

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FIFA probably pull the no political statement card out the bag again.
They’ll be a list delivered to all the FAs on protocol and all involved will adhere to it as usual.

Happy Pride month!

They’ll get the rainbow laces out of the way just before a ball is kicked in Qatar too :smiley:


I’m sure they’re real disappointed to have missed out.

I do kind of think the quality of play especially in the group stages is going to be total crap. They’re going to be some great moments because it’s a big tournament and there are always great moments. But it’s just so idk…shitty that they’re hosting it period.