2020 Summer Olympics

:spiral_calendar: 23rd July - August 08th 2021

:tv: BBC

:round_pushpin:Tokyo :jp:

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I don’t see that working tbh.

It will be on the television directors.

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These sporting bodies are all the same. A bunch of cowardly pricks not interested in anything that isn’t power or money.


Well there is a can of worms ready for opening here.
I’d be very surprised and a bit disappointed tbh if someone doesn’t use this stage to highlight racism in some way.

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I’m not entirely sure how they can ban it haha

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Be a shit storm if they try sanctioning an athlete that does.

They seem determined to go ahead with this despite Japan struggling more with covid than at any other time. BoJo to step in and save the day?

Local are pissed this is still going ahead. Not sure what the benefits are if you can’t have tourists


I was watching some report today and they said that the Japanese government are effectively powerless when it comes to cancelling the games due to contracts and the liabilities that would incur. The IOC are a bunch of crooks just the same as FIFA. What is it about sports admin that attracts these sorts?


Despite the recent negative news from Japan. I am very much looking forward to the swimming disciplines and track and field.

Zero eh.

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Maybe zero point five then

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Olympics football started.

USA lost 0-3 to Sweden :exploding_head:


Comfortable 2 0 win for Team GB today. Created plenty of chances and dominated as well.

@Joshua what about your girls here. Shocked?

I’d blame it on jetlag but the reality is that Sweden are a very good team. The USA has been dominant on paper in terms of results, and certainly the final of WC 2019 was a laugher but they didn’t play great during that tournament, they changed coach and I worry that maybe some complacency set in.

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Brazil smashing Germany 3-0 in the first half. Richarlison with all 3

This is gonna be a bit dead for us isn’t it. No spectators and everything is on after midnight lol

Mere and I were watching a bit of the Opening Ceremony. It was beautiful but felt super hollow with no spectators.

Can’t believe we beat Argentina 2-0 in our first game.