2019/20 Premier League Fixtures

One thing that does kind of scare me post Wenger is that the manager now isn’t invincible, and especially halfway through the season. This is a good thing of course; it’s the change almost all of us wanted and it’s right to put pressure on the managers because it’s the way the modern game is and all of our rivals do so.

I just really hope we get off to a good enough start so that calls for his head don’t intensify halfway through the campaign and a huge cloud starts to loom over the club once more.

I don’t think the club will sack him mid season tbh with you. I think the campaign would have to be disastrous (Moyes 13/14, Mourinho mid table with Chelsea) for that to happen. I think in all likelihood if it fails this season we just won’t extend his contract.

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Yeah I don’t think we’re that kind of club, but I’m more just speaking about the fact that if it’s a poor start we’ll enter the “point of no return” territory with the fans and it’ll basically be as if he’s been sacked already to a lot of the supporters. I hope he still has some good will in the second half of the season, but obviously his and the teams performances will dictate this and that’s fair enough.

We got this 100% wins first 10 games we will then go on to lift the epl :giroud3: heard it hear first guys!!!

All came to me in a dream!

Optimisitic we’ll win our first 7 games then drop points to Bournemouth at home

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I’m looking forward to the first game, it will give me an excuse to do the washing up.