2019/20 Premier League Fixtures

The fixtures for the 2019/20 season are released at 9am on Thursday morning.

Hope we get an easier start than last season!! :joy:

Hopefully start with Palace and Brighton at home, that should allow us one more point after 2 games than the season just gone.

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I hope will don’t, I want to lose to a team we’re supposed to lose to.

It might be good to start with hard games, might give the powers that be a kick up the backside to get transfers done ASAP rather than wait until the last minute.

You do realise the window SLAMS SHUT the day before the season starts? :wink:

Yes, but a player signed at the last minute is unlikely to be ready to play for us the following day

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I don’t mind who we get, as long as we go into the new season well prepared, after having a good transfer window.
It’s not something that happens at this club very often but going into your first game prepared, rather than shambolic, might actually work.


This. Every fucking season we’re unprepared.


Who ever we play they will want to win their first game…not sure we have the feeling, it’s more like looking at them for twenty minutes and hope they get tired.

Apparently the fixtures have been ‘leaked’, some tweet that got taken down

Saturday August 10

Spurs - Norwich
Bournemouth - Sheffield United
Crystal Palace - Arsenal
Everton - Newcastle
Southampton - Chelsea
Watford - West Ham
Burnley - Liverpool

Sunday August 11

Aston Villa - Leicester
Manchester United - Brighton

Monday August 12

Wolves - Man City

Tough away trip!

If true

They are “leaked” every year haha and are never correct. Lets see if they are this time!

You are in the middle of a desert and I bring you water and you tell me my water is a fucking mirage.

People are so ungrateful these days.


A huge 3 points at home to Norwich in Captain Granit’s first game with the armband.

Smiles and selfies all round :+1:

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“This is our season”

“It’s the day all football fans across the country have been waiting for as the fixture list for the season is released and they get to find out who their teams will take on on opening day”

I had a dream last night that we played Bournemouth away first day of the season and Ryan Fraser scored a hat trick for us. I was mates with him and afterwards he said “thanks for putting in a good word for me with Arsene” who I assume we had rehired, lol.


Just off the top of my head, I think we’ve only won two opening day fixtures in like the past decade. Crystal Palace at home about 5 years ago and Lieceister in the 4-3 a couple of seasons ago.

It really shows you how poorly we manage our summers and prepare for the season…


I mean half the time that’s because our best players have been playing in the summer and so aren’t ready for the first couple of games back. It doesn’t matter for teams like Man city because they have the depth to cope for it, and doesn’t matter for weaker teams because less of their players are good enough to be playing during the summer.

I do agree there are certain things we should be doing better though.