2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang


Don’t usually bother with the Winter Olympics but glad I am this year, speed skating is really good.

Difference between gold & silver place at the moment is 0.23 seconds!


Team NL :netherlands::1st_place_medal:


Muirheads doing the business


How many medals has Scotland won so far? :poldi:


You’re lucky were even gracing this tinpot competition with our presence.

This is something CANADA are the best in the world at.

You tell me how many Italians have won Wimbledon in the least 10 years.

How many Italians have won the tennis US Open in the last 10 years.

How many cycling gold medals Italy have?

Also remember this?

Aye, so weesht :ozil2:


It’s Team GB, Luca. Scotland don’t have their own team.

They only get their own team in the sports we don’t want/need them for :arteta:


Yeah, you are right. Really a wee nation :smile: :mustafi:



I do like Scotland, but not some of their citizens :ozil2:




How many does Italy have? noobs


If Italy win enough medals here do they qualify for the world cup?


5 so far.


Not good enough. It’s time for you Pizza boys to step it up then. We’re faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ahead.


You have more mountains than us, you sacher boy.


Just catching up on some of the Winter Olympics.

I’d forgotten how mental the snowboard cross is. Surprised there aren’t more accidents, though a guy did break a bone in his neck earlier.

But honestly, if there was a channel just dedicated to snowboard cross I would definitely watch it :smiley:


Elise Christie crashes out again.


Every time. Would have been tight for second anyway, but still.

Probably be too injured to do the last event now.


Typical scottish bottlers. Get some english grit on the track ffs.


We won another gold medal in women’s snowboard. Very good Olympics Winter Games so far for us.