2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang


Ha yeah, was going to say the same thing



Did she really say that? Wow.

I’m not sure why ice skating is so popular here, but it is very popular also just recreational. As you well know the Netherlands are flat. So people can’t do other winter sports really. Ice skating is pretty much the only thing we do here in winter time.


Hahahaha wow.

Fucking Americans :joy:

The most efficiënt transportation in Amsterdam is probably cycling or the tram.


@Arsenal4thetreble explain yourself


Another one.

They should just give all the medals in speed skating to the Netherlands.


Wüst. Legend :sunglasses:



We won a bronze in men’s biathlon yesterday.


Bronze = second loser


Lol wut? I’ve got no clue what’s going on.


Just reporting it. I don’t give a fuck about it :rofl:


Useless Scottish!

That was one of our medal hopes!

Thanks for nothing @Electrifying



Elise Christie…

Has the world record but no Olympic medal


Gold for Italy! @Luca_from_Italy


Another one.


We are amazing :netherlands::netherlands::netherlands:


Feel so bad for her, got disqualified all 3 events she entered as well last time. Got death threats for that too if I remember.

Who sends death threats over the winter Olympics ffs.

She got 2 more events though! Apparently they are better for her as well.


Yeah, Arianna Fontana was a good call for a medal. She has always done well in the previous Winter Olympics Games.


Is the USA winning this thing yet or is it just the BS events they have so other countries can feel good about themselves like ice bowling, ski and shoot, big air skiing, and ice sledding so far?


Dominating the half pipe.

Chole Kim was fantastic.


We also won a silver in men’s cross country skiing yesterday.