2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang


Starts today. Who’s gonna follow this?




Yes. Love the Winter Olympics. I got really into the curling last time…

Waits for @Calum to bemone the English for stealing the Scottish sportsmen/women again :grin:


Surely not this weekend, as there is the NLD and i am out on sunday :smile:. Don’t really like winter sports though.


I think the last time I watched the Winter Olympics was when Eddie the Eagle was doing his thing :slight_smile:


Used to watch a lot of biathlon and sky jumping a while back, will dip in and out of this year’s Olympics, probably.


I never watch this. So steal away @Phoebica :wink:


Love the short track speed skating. Wang Meng the GOAT. Watching her at the 2010 games was like poetry in motion.


Used to watch skiing when i was a child, not now. Could be interested again though.


Can’t wait for the SCOTTISH (that’s right @Phoebica it’s my turn) curlers to bring glory for the nation.


Wait… what?


Last time I watched the Winter Olympics was in Cool Runnings


I reckon @Bl1nk is going to follow this because we are good at the speed skating part.


Oh hell yeah. But it’s great to watch too.


Don’t care. The Olympic committee is worse than FIFA.


They certainly are. If you can get over Ewan McKennas preachy arseholery this is a good read.

That said if I happen upon the skeleton at some stage over the next couple of weeks I’ll probably watch. It’s not the athletes fault the administrators are a bunch of cocks.




Watched the women’s snowboarding event last night, was fantastic! They almost all crashed off the jumps


“Ice skating is an important mode of transport in a city like Amsterdam”


@Bl1nk is it true that you skate on the canals to get from place to place?


The comments to that tweet are fucking gold.