2018 FIFA World Cup Last Man Standing


Well, that’s what I get for calling out the organiser. :santi:

Seems so apt that @SRCJJ gets Brazil. Bring back the Ronaldo avi!!


Wouldn’t have minded a cheeky punt on number 20 but I’m happy with España.


MOROCCO!! I have them as the surprise of the tournament :kos2: @SRCJJ


@JohnnyH time to get behind Iwobi :sunglasses:


you do nothing lol. you are in the game for as long as your team are in the world cup


I’m happy with Germany but I still think France will win it.


Ohhh. Hahahaha.

Than this is not an ideal draw I think for me.


Dejan Lovren is going to ensure I come no where close to winning this


@Bl1nk anyway to add our flag to our profile?


Japan? Lol so so bad




Fancy a swap?


You can’t swap bitch :wink:


Fancy your chances do you? :joy:


Fuck all of you


sure, my team is well shit




Who has the Netherlands?

Oh wait.


God damn you got me good


So where can I get some of our world famous biscuits?