2018 FIFA World Cup Last Man Standing


How does this work again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


@Calum rigs it so he gets a decent side and then randomly assigns the rest of us whoever is left. :slight_smile:


TWO spots left


I wanna play :thinking:

#19 plz


Gonna put myself down for that final spot, number 23


wow this got filled out in 17 hours :joy:

The 2014 version took days to fill and I had to eventually start @ing people and asking if they wanted to play to fill it up haha

Draw should be tonight.


Draw WILL be tonight.


Is the draw on Sky Sorts?


Could ask Luca to cover it :wink:


@lucaupdates should absolutely be a thing on twitter. He’d have thousands of followers in no time.


Holy shit that’s a great point. Get an insta and Facebook page too.


and then he could also put all the food based insults he wants because it will be his stream. I could see him getting pissed off with a player that has done something against us, in the caption it will read ‘look at this absolute fucking bastard of a french…’


Can Jakey and Cuellar be put in the same group for some added spice? :boxing_glove:


I can’t believe number 23 was the last one left @Sol



How long this forum been active for? I just got in 3 days ago



@Bl1nk - :ru:
@AW49 - :fr:
@Aussiegooner :portugal:
@Gunnerpr - :egypt:
@cristo - :colombia:
@jules - :panama:
@Gedionanb - :switzerland:
@ryaninho - :tunisia:
@persona - :peru:
@wilshambition - :mexico:
@Phoebica - :croatia:
@YJYUX - :sweden:
@Midfield_Maestro - :senegal:
@Sol - :iran:
@Stroller - :poland:
@SDGooner - :costa_rica:
@JohnnyH - :nigeria:
@Luca_from_Italy - :morocco:
@Robin_L - :uk: (England)
@MO_OA49 - :iceland:
@Craigie - :denmark:
@Gunnergirl - :japan: (Japan)
@JakeyBoy - :uruguay:
@Will24 - South Korea
@Darkseid - :belgium:
@Calum - :serbia:
@shamrockgooner - :australia:
@InvincibleDB10 - :de:
@Gladiator - :saudi_arabia:
@BergkampsLoveChild - :es:
@SRCJJ - :brazil:
@Lister86 - :argentina:

That concludes the draw. Good luck!


Seriously tho; what do we need to do :sweat_smile: ?


THE HOSTS! I’ll take it :ru:


Iran ffs