2018 FIFA World Cup Last Man Standing


Fucking flute bands and Machu Picchu. :unai:


Less of this please Luis



Don’t worry, there won’t be any Italians within 100 yards of him.


ICELAND - clap :clap:t5: !!


Xhaxa and lechistenier all the way


No wonder @Cristo was fighting @AW49 for no 2.


Yas, Dele Alli to dive his way to at least the quarter finals :sunglasses:


Panama :no_mouth:


Yeah I feel gypped


At least Argentina should get to to quarter finals



Actually had them as my second team to support this year. THIS IS A SIGN.

Lets go Elneny and Salah.


My team is so shit that I don’t even get a flag :facepalm:


Haha I’ve brought it back, a better picture this time though.


There is one though…


@Calum sort it out blud. You’re slacking.


Robin’s team is legit so shit that there isn’t a flag.



We’re representing all the UK at this world cup like always anyway :sunglasses:



Vela and chicharito, lead us to glory amigos.


How did you get it?! I even googled south Korea to see if they had another name and still couldn’t get it :facepalm:


Only with a plugin https://github.com/Ebsy/discourse-nationalflags


What a shit game.