2017/2018 Premier League Fixtures


Ah thanks guys. I thought for some strange reason they wouldn’t move it ha. Guess they’ll announce the time/date change nearer the time!


All Premier League matches aren’t on TV/online in England??? Or is that available with a subscription?


Yes. Not every game is live. Sky and BT pick 4 or 5 games to show every weekend only


Most games are 3PM Saturday, which by law aren’t allowed to be shown on TV.


Interesting. When NBC sports “won” the bid to broadcast the EPL here in the states, part of the marketing pitch was every game, every team. So, they broadcast a few on Saturday and Sunday on the main network channels. However, if your team’s game isn’t being broadcast on network TV, it is available online or on the mobile app. Great for me as I can always catch Arsenal and I no longer have to watch a dodgy stream from the middle east if they aren’t one of the games of the week. :wink:

I’m pretty surprised that there is not something similar for the Brits to take advantage of.


That’s pretty silly. Sounds like some of the old antiquated NFL rules regarding the local game not being broadcast if the game wasn’t sold out.

Is the reasoning similar?


Pretty much exactly why except they’re trying to keep attendance up at smaller, local clubs than the big premier league clubs.


That makes sense.

Is attendance an issue at the smaller clubs? To be fair, I typically only see them when a “big” club is playing there, which would likely drive attendance higher.

On some level, I can appreciate the fan of a smaller club as that person likely has strong ties to the club and is certainly not a glory hunter like the turds that wear Man U gear here. It is a different type of fandom in that you know that unless all of the stars align (i.e. Leicester, once in a 20 year event), your club has no shot at winning the league. Or, you could hope for a middle east oil baron that doesn’t mind blowing a chunk of his fortune to buy the club. :wink:

While the EPL is stronger from top to bottom vis-a-vi the various Euro leagues, it is a bit of a shame that the lower than mid-table clubs have no shot to win the league.


When was the last time we kicked off the season?


Didn’t we kick off the last season? That cracker vs Liverpool. Other than that I dunno, maybe vs Villa few years back? Or Everton? That 6-1 at their ground.


Last time we kicked off the season first would have been 2008/2009

Nasri scored the winner on his debut at home to West Brom in a 1-0 win





What Liverpool fan would make that journey :joy: I wouldn’t even make that journey on Christmas eve and I live about 40mins away


Away fans are of no concern to Sky…




Seems we have found a compromise

Arsenal Liverpool on the Friday before Christmas?!

Yes please would be the start of some weekend of drinking :beers::beers:


Yeah I’d rather have a random Friday ruined than Christmas eve.


They’ll surely still have to have one game on the Sunday though to use their quota?

I’d rather it be Christmas Eve to be honest. I like the sound of a bit of Xmas Eve footy. It’s my favourite day of the year. I always go out, so if we lose I can drown my sorrows and sing Christmas songs afterwards :sunglasses:


I hope it’s Christmas Eve just to see some grumpy old men complain about travelling on a Christmas Eve when it’s their choice to go


First fat people now grumpy old men.
It’s true you don’t have to go, but if you are a dedicated supporter you go regardless, and the game being played on Christmas Eve just out of sheer greed by the TV companies, is a bit much.