2017/2018 Premier League Fixtures


If you’re going to blame anyone blame the clubs, they’re the ones who sold out. They’re the ones who have taken billions from Sky. Even the bottom PL clubs earn millons from TV money, more than top clubs in other leagues. Sky are entitled to show two matches on a Sunday, per their contract – they pay £11m per match FFS. Sky are not the bad guys in this situation.


But it’s Sky that chose that day for the fixture.
I agree the clubs greed has also made this situation, but the money swilling around in football is obscene and it’s the supporters that are footing the bill.

Both Sky and the football clubs know that their business is run on supporters being a captive market, which is almost unique in business.
It’s easy to say: if you don’t like it then don’t go, but some supporters will go regardless of the cost and inconvenience, and it’s that disregard for supporters, by Sky and the clubs, for the very people who pay their wages, that is so annoying.


Looks like Sky might get round the problem by having matches on Friday and Saturday night. A 7.45pm PL game on a Saturday will be weird, has that ever happened before?


Did we not play Southampton away on Boxing Day 2015 at 19:45? Wasn’t Boxing Day a Saturday that year?


Oh yeah, maybe. Over Christmas the days just all merge into one. That was the 4-0 though wasn’t it? I’ve tried to forget about that monstrosity of a game!


Yeah, we lost 4-0 after beating City 2-1 5 days before.