2017/2018 Premier League Fixtures


Pretty reasonable set of fixtures to start the season. Glad we get Stoke away out early in the season. Really need a win to kick off our season in a positive way and not have to play catch up from the get go.

After the glamorous tie of having Chelsea at home on my Birthday last season, it’s West Brom this time round, a total contrast :expressionless:


The last time we had stoke away early was 2012/13 think it was the 3rd game and finished 0-0

Lasting memory is Giroud shooting from round about the half way line and it just going over the bar lol


I like this fixture list. The run-in is really easy, with the only really trick fixture after February being away to United. This should help if we’re also competing in the Europa knockouts at that time.


Yep, the first two results were 2 ni-nil: Sunderland and Stoke.


Imagine if we’re still in the title race with 10 games to go, with 9/10 of the remaining games being games we should win :scream:


Hahahahahahaha good one.



We’d still come second if you spelled out Bournemouth with their full name AFC Bournemouth. Oh, it’s 2015/16 all over again.


I hope Accrington Stanley never make it to the Premiership


Rumours the Leicester game has been moved to Friday night so Sky can show it live


So we kick the Premier League off with a defeat? Good :hipster:


Have we played on a Friday yet in the PL, probably be the first


Think we did it a few times in the early 2000’s :slight_smile:


We played on a Friday night vs Newcastle in the 03-04 season at Highbury, Jermaine Jenas gave us a charity handball 10 mins from time to give us a 3-2 win :heart_eyes:




So we will kick-off the season again?


Yes. First game of the new season is watching Mahrez destroy his old club on his debut :wink:


Whaaat, so arsenal - spurs is not going to be televised??


I would expect the Scum game to be moved closer to the time. I’d be amazed if it isnt on tv


They only announce live games in two month batches.

October and November will be announced in August at some point.

Then December and January in September etc…