2017/2018 Predictions


Don’t think the defence and midfeild dcored more than 10 goals between them last year to be fair


30 goals for which team? :xhaka:


Yes they did. Ox and Ramsey scored 10 just between them 2!


We’re in Europa League that gives us many opportunities to easily hit 100+ goals all comps. The defence and midfielders will chip in with a few goals too. Koscielny will score a few, same with Xhaka hopefully like last season all screamers :giroud2:


Arsenal, who else?


Granit got 1 I think, how many did elneny and coq score? I guess Santi got a few and maybe koshelny 1 or 2 but still I wasn’t far off


Xhaka got 4 in all comps. Iwobi got 4. Kos and Mustafi got a couple each. Bellerin got 1. Monreal got 1. Hell, even Chambers got a goal for us before he went out on loan. There were more than 10 goals throughout the rest of our squad, not to mention numerous assists.


Iwobi is an attacker

Maybe our defence and midfeild got more more like 20 between them that still means our attack got about 85 between them, we’ve lost no one and added lacazette how should score 15-20 goals next season, Every chance our attack alone scores 100+ goals next season


But he wasn’t included in GG’s list of goalscorers. I meant the 6 players she listed - Ozil, Alexis, Laca, Theo, Giroud and Welbeck - wouldn’t get 105 goals and 60 assists between them. Only the first 3 will be playing regularly. I don’t think Sanchez will score as many this season as last either – Lacazette will take some of the burden off him.


Why didn’t you just say that then!




You never understand my jokes :mustafi:


I understand your PSG reference, but I’m very confident Alexis is staying


Hope your prediction is right again :xhaka:


This has got to happen. One does not simply avoid Bayern in Europe.


No it won’t, Bayern could sleepwalk their way into the CL semi final.


Theo could get 15 goals and 10 assists in the EL group stage alone. Maybe throw in a non-league side in the cup too.


Now you’re gettin it!


I change my prediction: we are gonna finish 8th. Everton and Leicester look better than us.


5th if Chelsea implode or 6th if they dont. 1 City
2 united
3 spurs
4 chelsea
5 liverpool
6 arsenal

                                    League cup spurs
                                    Fa cup Liverpool