2017/2018 Predictions


Oh well then we will win the league in 18/19 with no European football lol. that’s the only reason Leicester and Chelsea won it according to some.


I had us 3rd and that won’t change after 2 games, but would love to win the Europa League. Would give us some prestige in Europe


Man U
Man City


Crystal Palace

FA Cup Man U
League Cup Man City
Champions League Real Madrid
Europa League Any of the clubs that drop out of the CL

Although I’ve put Man City third, they could be the surprise team and drop out of the top four.
I don’t see Everton or West Brom being higher than us so we should be ok for a top six place.



How did you do? I had us 3rd :joy::joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: did not bad everywhere else tho tbh


That’s not too bad really.

Absolutely love all the fucking jokers who put us in the top four lololol


Top 6:
Manchester City
Manchester United


Champions League winners: Real Madrid
Europa League winners: AC Milan

It’s just blind loyalty on my part. I argued that Liverpool hadn’t strengthened enough beyond the attack, figuring they’d let in a lot more goals than us. It’s not my fault – At the time I hadn’t been informed that our back line would consist of the Chuckle Brothers and Beavis & Butthead!


Pretty rubbish with my PL predictions but I did have us sixth.

Did ok with the cup competitions


Quite close! :grinning:


Seems the only things I was right about were that we won’t get top 4 (obvious), Stoke would be relegated, English club would win the CL and a Spanish - the EL. :slight_smile:


Err none of these things have happened yet… :expressionless:


Yeah… That was kind of the joke…


It’s too close to the truth to be a joke though… that’s how I interpreted it anyway

Or perhaps just get better jokes. I can lend you my book if you want :sunglasses:


Something that no one predicted was that at the end of this season, Chamberlain, Walcott, Sanchez, and Giroud would all be playing for different PL clubs that are our rivals.


Yeah, I am bad at jokes, some tuition would be useful. Just don’t use your magic on me, I wouldn’t you to post our personal exchanges on here.


:woman_facepalming: 3 of them left the club lol. I got Welbeck spot on though :sunglasses: always believed in dat guy


Even if they’d stayed the amount of goals and assists you predicted there was pretty silly lol


Ok so I fucked up with Chelsea, might get the UCL winner, FA cup winner & got shafted in the Europa League due to Atletico playing tards in the Group stages of CL.