2017/2018 Predictions



False. The community shield is an official trophy. The debate was around whether it was a competitive match or a friendly.


FFS :joy: Don’t start this again please

Some think it is some think it isn’t. It’s the fucking community shield can’t we just accept each others opinion and move on?! :joy:


Only a Sith deals in absolutes - Obi-Wan Kenobi


Wow! Such a difference for one player.


I fear the English teams, yes. But are a Sevilla really that good? We would be (betting) favourites against them.


And what did we do against those teams in the home games?

That Kiev was historically good though. I think they beat Real Madrid too that season.


Re-read my post. Not debating anything, just correcting with a fact.


We gave them a good shoeing by and large :sunglasses:


We’ll score a lot this season :soccer: Going to predict

Ozil 10 goals 15 assists
Alexis 30 goals 15 assists
Lacazette 25 goals 10 assists
Walcott 15 goals 10 assists
Giroud 15 goals 5 assists
Welbeck 10 goals 5 assists


What about Ramsey and Lemar?


If he gets this it means he is playing to much for us.

No thanks.


Idk if Lemar will come. Ramsey could get double figures in goals and assists if he stays fit throughout


Lol we are not scoring 105 goals in one season! Chelsea have the record with 103! We’re not getting close to that.


I’m predicting all comps :grinning:


If he scores and assists this many goals he has earned the minutes over whoever’s the alternative. That at least goes for the current squad.


Fair enough. Still seems a lot though. Can’t imagine a few of them getting enough games to score that many. Hopefully not anyway.


Rubbish season from Xhaka then :disappointed:


We scored 100+ goals in all comps last season so I don’t see why we wont this


Yeah but that was all our players, not just the strikers/forwards.