2017/2018 Predictions


By signing Solanke and Salah, Firmino, possibly, will make more minutes as (attacking) midfielder. In that sense they have strengthen the midfield. These signings also have a trickle down effect.That’s why in depth they are stronger imo. The list of defenders isn’t the most impressive agreed.


Not trolling, I enjoyed our last 2 Community Shield wins, the last one v Chelsea started their decline and Ox scored the winner :grinning: The League Cup never gave Arsenal fans much joy, probably because Wenger never takes it seriously


No, it’s not.


It is time to take it seriously, as our record here is shit.


We’re in Europa League. League Cup is unnecessary this season will just clog up fixture list


Pre season pradictions are complete and utter guess work come on now


Per exact position, yes, not around certain positions.


People saying that the Scum will finish 5th or 6th and we will finish 4th. Is that just because its the Scum or do you think we have strengthened enough to gain 11 points on them from last season?

As for Liverpool i think they will score a shit load of goals this season but will also concede a shit load. VVD will obviously help if they get him


If Liverpool get van Dijk I’m willing to swap Arsenal and Liverpool around in my predictions :speak_no_evil:


For me yes. Can’t ever predict they’ll finish above us lol plus they are playing at Wembley all season


Id forgotten about them playing at Wembley. I guess that could go against them

  1. City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man U
  5. Spurs
  6. Arsenal
  7. Everton

League Cup: Man U
FA Cup: Spurs
CL: Barcelona
EL: Milan

Though I may well feel differently once the window has closed, doing this before everyone has their confirmed squads is a bit premature.


Identical to my top 7 @JakeyBoy, except I had us winning the EL :eyes:. I wonder if you get labelled pessimistic now :joy:


We won every game last season but Spurs with the new formation, so a title challenge and winning the Europa League is kinda expected


@Robin_L @JakeyBoy @Phoebica speaken out what I fear the most this season. Arsenal making it to the final only for them to jumpstart their resurgence with a Europa League win.


Yeah, Milan have made some pretty decent signings. It might take a bit of time for the team to gel but once they nail that they’ll be on their way. Half their new signings are from Serie A anyway, so they shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting. Bonucci in particular is a great signing and apparently they’re in talks with Diego Costa. I can see them being a real threat, just hope we can avoid them - but you know our luck with European draws, we’ll probably get them at the first possible opportunity!


We’ll avoid them in the groups and presumably last 32 as well by taking care of the group. Wouldn’t like to run into them if we’re not prepared to play our best available team tho, same goes for a several other sides in this supposedly ‘weak’ 2nd rate competition


Mate. If we don’t get to the final, if we can avoid Milan until that point, all the technical staff and player staff deserved to get hanged really. Villareal is currently the 2nd strongest team already qualified for the group stages. It shouldn’t be a walkover, but there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t beat a team like that.


Don’t forget the teams which will drop down from the Champions League too. Could find ourselves up against the likes of Sevilla or Liverpool at some stage. Or it could go wrong for one of the big boys and we’ll find ourselves playing Bayern again :see_no_evil:


Agree with you in principle SD Gooner but I’ve been to too many Moscows, Kievs, Zagrebs, Portos and all the rest to know better by now. European away ties are not easy and I take nothing for granted :+1: