2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Max Whitlock takes gold in gymnastics pommel horse…Louis Smith gets silver. Team GB flying.

Two golds in one day for Whitlock.


Up into second place in the medal table



You are gonna finish 4th, just like Arsenal :poldi:


Nailed on third most likely.

Don’t relate the shower of shit that is Arsenal to team GB. Our boys and girls deserve better then that!


Team GB Gold and Silver double again in the Cycling sprints. Whoosh.


Always bossing it in the Cycling. They should teach their mental strength to out team. 37 medals now and still another week to go :muscle:


The cycling tonight has been incredible! Hopefully Cavendish can come through with a medal too!

Clare Balding is a bit of an annoying arse though.


Kenny is up there with Chris Hoy in British track cycling, such a strong rider. Felt sorry that on of them had to come second though but GB cycling has been on fire, proud of the whole team.

Not too confident about Cav though :confused:




Makes me want to start cycling again.

EDIT: It feels like only yesterday Jason Kenny made his Olympic debut in Beijing was it(?) and now he is joint most decorated Olympian.
Makes me feel ancient.


This is some mens gold final in the tennis! Great match


If Murray wins the next set he holds on to the gold! C’mon Andy


We used to be good in fencing, but not anymore today. We lost another final to France in men’s team épée.


This tennis final is insane


If he can break then it’s Gold for Andy.

Bet Del Potro holds his serve though. He’s not giving up easily here and is playing some great stuff himself.

Great viewing.


What an epic match. Murray is a great champion.


Usain Bolt still the man in 100m. What a sportsman. Surely will win Gold in the other 2 events and make it a triple-triple achievement.


I supported Del Proto. He deserved to win the game.


Nice to see JMDP finally getting over his injury problems and winning a silver medal taking out Djokovic and Nadal along the way… Well done to Murray on his 2nd Gold medal he’s really in form adding this to his recent Wimbledon crowd.


If cavendish hadn’t completely ballsed up the elimination race yesterday things would be really tight for first.

He’s one of our greatest athletes, it’s the gold I probably wanted most before the olympics started.


Bronze medal in the Women’s Hammer throw for GB, our first one ever! Cracking attempt.

Winner from Poland set a new world record.