2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


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Did you open a MDC for it? GiF and Mysty enjoying the thrill of the sport. :arteta:


As Lance Armstrong proved.


We’re absolutely bossing the cycling. Kenny and Skinner in a shoot off for the gold tomorrow in the sprint.



In the five events we’ve entered riders in we’ve won four of them and taken silver in the other. Bloody Dutch girl clearly juicing.


GBR field hockey women…oh behave. Rawrrrrrrr


This Puerto Rican girl is pretty in the tennis. I hope she does well.


He did really well. He was supposed to get 4th!

:campbell: :facepalm:


Rupert and team Sky obviously hook us up with the best PEDs.

At least something good comes out of NewsCorp owning the country.


What a throw from Jess Ennis-Hill!


YESSSSSSSS MO!!! :sunglasses: First British athlete in history to win 3 gold medals!! :clap:


Anyone have any action on Mo Farah?


Mo does it again!


Had a fall and still came back to win gold! Was a great race.


The long jump competition was a terrific contest. Felt a bit sorry for the Yankie who thought he got gold and ended up with nothing, his reaction was priceless :arteta:

And great effort by Jessica Ennis-Hill, so close to Gold, but Silver still a fine effort.

Chuffed for our fellow Gooner Mo winning Gold again. Really cheered for him hard on that final straight. Top bloke.


Mo is a gooner, cool!!


1st and 3rd in men’s 1500m freestyle, plus we beat Brasil 3-1 in men’s volley. Talk about useless sports, you kraut :ozil2: @CunningLinguist


Oh come one. The 1500m are as unimportant for swimming as the 3000m steeplechase are for running. No one cares who wins and no one remembers the name of the winners. The Americans haven’t won that event since 1976 and didn’t even bother to send their usual roided up watersports division, but a guy who looks like this:

I bet the swimmers were grateful they could use the same pool as the others, but I heard they had to pay for their own food. That’s how important the1500m swim is.
I won’t even begin to talk about men’s volley (which also sounds like a @Persona activity). Maybe if you allocated the resources going into that sillyness to a real sport, your football team wouldn’t be as shit.:wenger2:


Fucking hell! This german sounds so envy and arrogant. Let’s say a typical german :poldi:. Men’s volley is a great sport to play :ozil2:
Another medal in shooting ahahha! :ozil2:


Justin Rose you beauty. That was so tense the final few holes.

Team GB flying now.