2004 and all that


Okat then its going to be 15 years now since we won the title in May. How old was you then and what were you doing at the time.

I was turning 40 and had 2 kids and full time. Life was about to begin they said but like the title defence it never really has.
Still had another kid at 46 and bought me hours down in work so cant complain unless its about the Arsenal.



I was 13 years old and on top of the world knowing I supported one of the 3 best teams in Europe. I think I was in year 8 in secondary school at the time just being a complete nuisance.

I also made a post that @Bavin would never let me live down lol. “Gunbeatables”



Whoa Bavin, that’s a blast from the past. Is he still around?!



I don’t know but I miss him a lot that’s for sure.



I was 18 and loving Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Viera and all that. Unbelievable how long ago it was when put into perspective with the age I am now at. I remember Highbury, how amazingly compact that stadium was. The atmosphere.

Obviously on a personal level, between 18 and 33 now a lot has changed, unfortunately not a lot has changed at The Arsenal since our last title.

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23 years old. Lived together with my weird ex gf, worked part time, got released from my club because of injury, suffered from depression and life was pretty shit tbh. The league title was a welcome enjoyment in all the misery and later that year I started dental school and broke up with my girlfriend.
Been a rather nice life since then apart from watching Arsenal at times :see_no_evil::grin:



Fuck Bavin

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:joy::joy: Oh that brings back wonderful memories. That’s OA origins story worthy! Is it ok if I put that in your user title bit?

Edit: Ah I’ve done it anyways, enjoy :wink:



Any type of edit from you Mysty is an honour mate.



I was 12 and about to start secondary school in the August haha



didnt know you loved him THAT much :giroud:



22 years old, at university in Leicester and training it around the country with my bestie at the occasional expense of coursework deadlines and exam revision in order to be able to make 17 of the 19 aways that year :sunglasses::+1:

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Was in my final year of secondary school and in March that season I was was cocky as fuck about us winning the treble.

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I was 21 (in May, my bday is later in the year), at uni in a new city, lived in the smallest apartment I had ever seen, whenever I sat on the toilet I had to put one knee in the sink and have the other foot out in the hallway. life was alright.

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Aussie for the treble.:thinking:

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First season I was actually into football.

Was a bit spoilt and was raging we didn’t also get the CL. Fucking Wayne fucking bridge.



John Terry bit of a hero to you then mate.

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I was 21, fat as all fuck and just about to start out in the civil service. I’m now on the first rung of senior management wondering how the fuck that happened but I lost most of the weight and can now run half marathons so i’m happy out. :smiley:



I was about 9 and freddos were still 10p. What a time to be alive



So your username only just became accurate then?