2004 and all that


Haha I didn’t notice that. Guess i should enjoy the moment! Maybe I should retire from the forum once I hit 25.

In all seriousness I remember watching the game at WHL around my grandads when we won the league and returning home to my dad not speaking to me. He was too upset as he is a Spurs fan and took it to heart despite the fact I was 9 :grin:

Luckily the joy of winning the league on their patch prevented any need for therapy at my dad ignoring me



Haha nice. My old man is a spurs fan too. Foolishly he chooses not to take the piss during their current phase of superiority.



Yeah i remember you mentioning previously that you suffer the same fate as me haha. Can I ask how it ended up with you two supporting either team? Especially as United and Liverpool seem considerably more supported in Ireland



Essentially Anfield 89 for me and the 61 double team for him. I know quite a few spurs fans in around his age actually. He never pushed about which club to follow or anything. The brother is an Everton fan. :joy:

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Haha exactly the same here. In reality it’s a miracle I became a Gooner but oh well



8 years old and wasn’t into football at the time :joy:

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Same as GunnerGirl for me. Was 8 and didn’t even know what Arsenal was back then. I started following Gunners during the later parts of 2008-09 season I think.

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Not remembering pretty much as I was 6 years old. But I know I was watching the last game with my parents. I didn’t even know what it was about and what football is. After years passed, I got into football world. I guess I was 10 years old and asked about the club that was playing some years ago. Then my parents said “Arsenal”. I was curious about them and started to search for more info and watch their games weekly. That is how I got to love my club.

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So you’re 20 years old now @Chapman ? Jesus, suddenly I feel old :santi: You must be one of our youngest members on here. Now that I think about it, you’re even too young to remember the Double years of 1998 and 2002 and that to me doesn’t even seem that long ago, but I guess it is :sweat_smile:



Yes, I will be 21 in a week.

Unfortunately, not. :santi:






ffs :santi: worth it thoooo :arteta:

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Aussie being cocky af about the treble: “yeah that was okay, but the season was a failure cuz we didn’t win the quadruple with that team.”



Not far off it bud, I’m still bitter as fuck about that Wayne Bridge goal.



Old. Come back when you can remember the 71 double. 98 so modern day.