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What I agree with if you need good cup form to avoid imploding in the League you are never going to win the League, that’s what I agree with.


So I’ve looked up the most recent statistics again, and I’d love to hear the opinion of one of the football experts in here. Theo is at 127 minutes per goal/assist in his career. KDB is at 128 minutes per. The output is virtually the same (granted Theo scores more goals KDB more assists) KDB is obviously a more flashy skilful player, yet somehow this donkey named Theo Walcott is technically more productive than he is when he steps onto a football pitch. So i guess my question is, why is the narrative around here that Theo is such a shitter and OA universally worships the ground KDB walks on?


It’s not just about goals and assists. KDB makes things happen and is arguably Man City’s most important player. He is versatile, has better footballing intelligence than Walcott and a well-rounded skill set. When he is injured Man City are a worse team. We are not a worse team without Theo.


You should understand why @Arsenal4thetreble, like do you judge NBA players on box score ? Or actually based on the matches you watch ?


Ya know you’d be surprised. The stats also show that KDB is lazy as fuck defensively, as you know I’ve been making this Theo vs KDB comparison for a long time and if you pay attention when City play he’s worse than Özil in that manner. Also he’s got no skill moves, he’s an amazing passer but hardly tries to dribble past anyone because he doesn’t have it in his locker. Theo can still get around people using some shifty moves and pace, so more versatile? Not so sure about that.

I think it’s just bias imo. Theo is front and center when we ultimately fail…as a team that is Theo usually does his part. And he represents.all that failure in the mind of Arsenal fans. If we had won the title a couple of times in his 10 year career here no doubt he’d be looked upon as a legend and some type of cult hero I’d imagine.

@Aussiegooner I invited the football experts, you don’t know shit aussie :grin: In all seriousness though in the NBA you have to do both tbh. Funny you bring that up because Kobe has worse stats than Lebron but if you watched Kobe in his prime and in the finals he refused to lose, you can’t quantify that with statistics. So what’s the football equivalent to that then?


Theo could score 4 in a cup game against some 2nd division side and he’d still bottle it in the league next game, if he was to play that is


Lol OK. Perhaps we should contact Man City then, see if they’re up for a swap deal: Theo for KDB, I’m sure they’ll go for it.

It’s not being bias by the way. KDB is quite simply a better footballer than Theo Walcott.




Lol well thanks for attempting to explain at least once before resorting to sarcasm. Once again, it’s not just about who’s a better footballer. KDB on the eyes is clearly better yet Theo produces more end product regardless, despite his clear limitations. Ya know as far as the stats go a much better comparison is Mane and Firmino, Theo’s stats are almost identical to both those players. A couple more guys that OA sing thr praises of.


Well sometimes your posts don’t deserve serious answers. If you’ve seen both players play then it shouldn’t need to be explained to you why people rate KDB more than they rate Walcott.


Just “cause he’s better” in the eyes of the average football fan, isn’t a good enough answer for me, sorry but thanks for giving it a shot.


I’ve held off for as long as I can.

To me Theo is the epitome of Arsenal’s problems- bags of potential but no determination. He was the wonder kid (my god it seems strange to call him that!), the new TH14, and we waited patiently for him to mature beyond his natural (physical) gifts. Ten years later and we’re still waiting, and through that decade he’s blown hot and cold at suspiciously convenient times, correlating nicely with contract negotiations rather than important matches/ points in the season. OK, he’s had injuries, can’t blame him for that, but where’s the fire, the passion the determination? I guess others just want it more. I simply can’t forgive an Arsenal player that. I’m done.


It’s actually a very good explanation, the best I’ve got in this thread. I can’t even argue with it tbh.

What about your thoughts on this though. Sadio Mane has almost identical statistics to Theo last year per 90 minutes. Mane is the darling of the league right now, Arsenal fans are jizzing about him. He hasn’t won shit with lolpool, he’s a less accomplished player than Theo is by far. So why does one get classed as an amazing player and the other a donkey?


That’s just not true though and between KDB and Walcott there really isn’t any noticeable difference over a full season.

Probably because his overall game just adds a lot more to the team than Theo does. If you want to go by goals and assists you’ll also find out that Walcott beats Mesut Özil in that regard too, though there is no one going to argue that Walcott is better than him, because Özil adds a lot more outside of goal scoring to a team. The same can be said about KDB who is more often on the ball, has better passing, has better vision, links up play far better and in general is mostly a creative hub in a team more than a player of final balls.

In all honesty it’s a big stretch to even compare those two. Maybe someone like Sterling or Pedro would be better suited.


Unless we were playing against one of them top 4, as Theo has a great record of scoring in those games for us


Yes yes I agree, I’ve actually said that myself, I just use the KDB comparison because he’s so admired around these parts. Btw let’s makes this clear this is not about who’s better, it’s about Arsenal fanatics and their underestimation of what Theo does for this team. He’s underappreciated imo.

Do you have something to back this up or are you just going off the eye test? The only reason I say that is because in searching a year ago or so when this first came up I took a closer look and KDB lacks in that aspect statistically. Which mde me take closer note of what he does in games and it’s true. He links uo and makes some insane passes with his vison…but he’s not going to skip past a defender into the box and create a chance that way.

@PPB here what do you think?


That’s true. In terms of end product he is underappreciated, though he probably is fairly rated as far as ability goes and that part of his game will always be a hindrance unless you play him on goal regularly.

It’s both eye test and statistically. Walcott’s just not enough on the ball to really shine in that category and unless he has free space to move into he doesn’t do a lot of dribbling anymore.

He doesn’t really shine in any of the categories.


Considering a guy like Reus has been mentioned ad nauseam to be brought into the team and he’s a negligible upgrade at best. Only point I was making.


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Fair enough. Just keep in mind that he had 2 injuries that season and he hasn’t been mentioned too much lately. I think Reus should have been an option about 2-3 years ago but I can’t see him move to the PL at this point anymore anyway.