Theo Walcott


With a player like De Bruyne the level of football of a team will increase. If a team is able to perform on a higher level that, usually, translates itself to better results of the team over a whole season. Even if the individual numbers aren’t that impressive. Good example of that, Arsenal related, is probably Hleb. He had shit numbers, but with him on the pitch our quick combinations excelled in 07/08.


30 new posts… knew it would be treble trolling again :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: For the love of God stop comparing one of the best players in the league to Walcunt. It’s embarrassing. I’m muting this thread now had enough of reading this shit


I find genuinely find it much more embarrassing that our fans will call our longest serving player a cunt and suck off some random Man City player regardless of who’s better


I find it a whole lot more embarrassing that someone would compare a clearly underwhelming player with players of the stature of KDB and the great Pires.


Pointing out that Theo’s goals and assists stats are comparable with an absolute club legend is pretty valid IMO

Especially if you make it very very clear that your not trying to say that makes Theo he better player


Would Walcott get in the invincibles side?


Yeah look at his stats compared to ljungberg , bad luck Freddie your out :eyes:


More prolific than Gilberto Silva so obviously yes.


Would be fortunate to make the match day squad.


The debate on Walcott should be settled at he’s been a great servant to Arsenal and is in 100 club. Of course he has limitations but no need to call him a cunt or shit or whatever. If he was as bad as people say, he would’ve been sold long ago.


He’s a shit cunt and should have been sold 6 years ago




He’s about as invincible as this cunt


Nah that’s not entirely true, is clear as day Jenkinson isn’t good enough for Arsenal so why wasn’t he sold long ago ?


Because he’s just a backup RB. We’ve tried selling him recently. Walcott has been at Arsenal the longest in our squad. Clearly rated by Wenger


In fairness we sent him on loan for two years and tried to sell him last summer. No one is buying him.


My point is players stay in our squad for to long because no one else is willing to pay bang average footballers the wages Wenger does, his socialist wage structure really needs to end… Players like Theo and Welbz only on 20-30 K less than Ozil & Sanchez…


So Aussie, let’s be honest here. When Theo’s contract was up a couple years ago, you weren’t crying for him to sign back up with us?


Yeah I will concede I did want him to extend after the 14/15 season, I must admit I rated him a lot higher in 12/13 than I do now, he then had the ACL etc… I’ve never thought his wage should be as close to Ozil and Sanchez as it is though.


There’s been interest in Jenkinson (reportedly at least) from 3 different Serie A clubs, plus Newcastle were interested and some other Prem club I forget.

Wilshere’s had Bournemouth, Swansea and perhaps West Ham, Gibbs has had West Brom and now Watford.

I think it’s purely the wages, married to a lack of ambition for these three, given they’re all in the peak years of their careers