Olivier Giroud


We played with Giroud as a first choice for years when it was clear he would have been a better backup. It would be so irresponsible to sell him now, when we finally have a forward who fits the style Arsene wants us to play.


Giroud will be our UEFA cup hero.


Is it me or he didn’t like Lacazette signing? :grimacing:


Only Giroud could look this sexy while standing in a bin :heart_eyes:


nothing like sitting in a bin and pondering the meaning of life lol


If that’s what tramps look like I think i’ll be hanging out on the streets of London far more :sunglasses:


Lol, changed it because he doesnt look a tramp. More of a trampy situation…strange dont they have proper baths there something.


The only two players I have seen sitting in a bin on this tour are Walcott and Giroud.
Is that some sort of sign?
Also Giroud’s chest looks like a younger version of Wenger’s.


There was also Coquelin. Though that probably helps prove the point you’re making somewhat

And erm, what? How closely do you study Wenger’s chest? :arteta:


You post the best pictures @Phoebica Do this more

Look at his left hand! :eyes:


Guess it is where some of us want to see him :mustafi:



The guy named his daughter after me, it’s true love!


Well when I called him recently he said that we could be together, that marriage doesn’t mean EVERYTHING (as proven by himself :grimacing:), that he’d wait for me :sunglasses:


Meh. Xhaka >


I’ve always been slightly intrigued by it’s flatness and lack of definition since I saw the pictures of him going down that water slide on a boat.
Saying that, for his age, he is in pretty good shape.
Obviously not as in shape as your Granit chested Xhaka


What on earth are you all on about? lol


Do you not have an opinion on Wenger’s body and his lack of definition, Jake? :sunglasses:


Must we oversexualise football at every turn?


If you’re going to push me on the issue, I think he looks bloody great for a bloke in his late sixties. I suspect I’ll have half destroyed my body with food and booze by that age


He’s going to be a super-sub again this season right?