Olivier Giroud


Better to have them, right? :wink:



Really good news this


He should be happy. He is still the only ‘target man’ we have so his role is unique. If we had another similar striker then he’d be concerned. He will likely start in our first game of the season and see loads of game time this season despite the signing of Laca.


What are the chances that he’ll play with Lacazette? Or do we think Laca is going to get relegated to the bench the first few weeks?


Good. Competition is always great.


Good news to keep him on the bench. Don’t want to see him getting any extended runs in the starting lineup though.


He’s probably the most prolific player in our squad after Sanchez, so delighted to have him around


good news that he wants to stay, always been a fan of Giroud


Great news…If Giroud had left it would have negative effect within the squad.

Let’s hope both strikers are feeling the pressure of competition


When Lacazette inevitably falls short and we only get 3 penalties I’m happy to hear that we still have Giroud who come on and do the business for us.


Now he should just stay and see out his contract at us, this summer was the last chance to sell him to retrieve any sort of value. Look forward to him bringing up his 100th goal for the Arsenal, been a good servant for the club given his limitations.


GET IN THERE MY SON! He won us another cup! :giroud:


What a hit




Hero :giroud2: :heart_eyes:


Elite photoshop skills


But he is bang average. Long live king Olivier! :giroud2:


Bloody Giroud, bang average. Fucking sell him…oh.

Never mind :giroud:


The fucking MANNNN :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Such an important player for us