Olivier Giroud


he injured or something, or has someone died in his family or something? Hope he is ok!


Definitely looks distraught… best wishes and prayers, Ollie…


Horrible horrible pictures. Lost someone perhaps. He has been an incredible servant to the club, whenever I see a flicker of emotion in any sportsman I automatically endear myself to them. Hope he’s okay and weirdly hope he stays.

Unless yes on YouTube watching the Lacazette goal back. In which case LOL.


He would just setlle for a plan B roll? It’s easy to say ‘just keep him’, but if he doesn’t want to…


hope it’s not a death in his family, hope he’s alright


No bigger club wants him and he is very good at that role. Why fix what isn’t broken. That should be what Giroud’s thinking now.


That pic is deep :worried: lets hope Olly G is alright


Yes it is. I’d like for him to stay at Arsenal and provide a great plan B.

On a personal level, gotta hope that the phone call isn’t tragic news.


He is playing today and looks reasonably happy…maybe it was West Ham on the phone saying they wanted him and he was just getting concerned!



It doesn’t sound good.


It sounds great.




It’s pretty clear he’s leaving.

Probably Everton for a Lukaku replacement


This guy credible?


Journalist (seriously) in mixed zone to Giroud: 'My mum thinks you're sexy.'

— Mike Keegan (@MikeKeegan_DM) July 15, 2017



With Lemar :giroud3:


I love this absurdly handsome man but if he’s gonna have subtle BEEF all season long with 'cazette then maybe it’s best to have a parting of the ways and give our new signing the platform to be the main man


I genuinely just think he missed him, I can’t wait to see the back of Giroud but he does go into a weird trance when he scores.


Lol at all the people reading into this.

He scored a banging goal though