Olivier Giroud


I agree.
For what we paid for him he is a bargain.
He would be the best second choice striker in the PL, so why sell him?


Lacazette here could push him to do even better. It’s a big challenge for him.


He’s started more games than he’s been on the bench for so by and large you’d say he’s been our first choice striker for essentially at least 3 of his 5 seasons at Arsenal. In which case, how much he cost and all that other stuff becomes irrelevant because he’s our first choice striker and what we expect of a first choice striker is far greater than what Giroud has delivered. His 13-15 goals a season isn’t good enough. His tendency to go missing for large chunks of the season isn’t good enough.

Giroud would be greater appreciated as an Arsenal player if he’d spent the last 5 years solely as our second choice. But because so much of his stay here has been spent as a starting striker he’s essentially following in the footsteps of some incredible strikers and he just falls so short of that.


I think the arrival of Laca will show how subpar Giroud really is. Should be scoring a lot more with Ozil behind you and it will be a nice season to test if that’s true or not.


I want Giroud to stay . Despite all the criticism he gets he is a good team player and offers the team a different approach.
His cross in the FA Cup final for Ramsey was nothing short of footballing pornography!
Sign up fella


Seriously holy shit Giroud is a great player, and a stud to boot. Per minute he’s scoring at like 1 per 90 this last season or something. When plan A fails Giroud is an option not many other clubs have.


Boy oh boy have I got good news for you


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He extended his contract as recently as January. Along with Koscielny.

Nobody else extended their contract at the same time though. Just those two. Which is great.


Cheers bud
You’ll have to allow for us old farts


If we want to finally have a great depth upfront we need to keep him. Giroud, Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette and maybe one more would be great.




Keep Giroud as cover for Lacazette, and sell Perez.
We also have Welbeck, so that is plenty of depth for the striker position.


I wonder how many people have lost hairs during Olly G’s time at Arsenal when he was a starter :neutral_face:. It’s been said many times he’s a great plan B so keep him.


I do agree. Olly a very good impact sub. Just not start him :grimacing:


Didn’t fancy her anyway mate



I’ve read several reports from German outlets in the last few days saying Dortmund are in for him. Too lazy to look the sources up, though.:henry:


It could be they are interested in Giroud as a replacement for Aubameyang who looks like he is going to leave.


Giroud would signal the death of BVB’s style.


Very intrusive but