Olivier Giroud


Ideally I wouldn’t mind getting rid of both but I don’t trust the club to adequately improve on them tbh.

Welbeck’s past injuries are no joke.


But that’s the main difference. Welbeck isn’t good enough to lead us to the league cup final let alone the league title. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but he isn’t someone that I’ll miss if he was to leave.


Love Danny. Hate haterz.


This is a great thread



We wasted so many years with this guy leading the line


Surely that’s a moment to laugh about now, not ridicule him for…

He has equally done this:

And this:

And this:


Let’s not forget his contributions in 3 FA Cup finals, 2 of which led to matching winning goals…But nah we’ve wasted years with him leading the line allegedly.


That Newcastle game. Sooooooooo god.



Laca already trolling Giroud? :giroud3:


Hasn’t ever reached 20 goals in the league in a season which is shocking considering having the best #10 behind you.


I just don’t get how people can’t understand this. He is simply not prolific enough and I can’t ever forgive him for not scoring for virtually an entire season.


But at the same time I don’t understand how people talk about him as if he is complete and utter dog shit. There’s a startling lack of balance when people talk about Giroud.


He’s started ahead of Benzima and lacazette for France for a decent period of time now too, if he wasn’t an arsenal player with his goals/minutes played ratio plenty of his current detractors would definitely be screaming for us to sign him


He is a decent striker but not top four quality, and he is more than adequate as cover for Lacazette, although for France it’s the other way round.

The amazing thing about the whole situation is that considering we had a history of top strikers, Wenger stuck with Giroud for so long.
Even more amazing is the strikers he bought in after Giroud, like Sanogo, Welbeck and Perez, were bought as cover for him and he didn’t think it was necessary to upgrade on him.

I don’t know why Wenger thought he was good enough to seriously challenge for the PL and CL, and why it has taken more than four seasons to replace him.


Fair enough, in the past as number 1 choice he didn’t always come through for us - but at this moment in time, he is completely adequate as a back up. if we sell Giroud then it’s unlikely we’ll be able to replace him with a player who is just as good/better than him who is willing to warm the bench.


Who has said he is complete and utter dog shit?


I can’t say I’ve read too many posts that seem to indicate he’s complete and utter dog shit and that obviously isn’t the case.

The constant mention of him being France first choice striker means nothing. Benzema stopped being picked for France and has always been head and shoulders above Giroud and Lacazette is a better player than Giroud is too. There have been plenty of players with positive goalscoring records for their countries who didn’t quite manage to emulate that at club level. And Giroud is one of those with an above average goal record for France and a bang on average (or actually below average given the team he plays for) record for his club.

And for all those desperate to talk up his quality for France you’d do well to remember two of his three goals at the Euros came against Iceland. He can score for fun in friendlies and qualifiers but at the big thing he’ll always go wanting.


Benzema did only score 19 goals in all competitions this past season; he’s been overrun. Giroud, too, is a completely different player to Benzema.

Giroud’s biggest downfall is the fact that fans believe he is a different player to what he is.

Wenger bought him for £9.6m; an absolute bargain. I hope Giroud stays. I have always been a fan, and always will!


I said “as if he is complete and utter dog shit”, meaning that I’m not quoting anyone on here verbatim.

If you and @SRCJJ dont think that that over his spell at Arsenal both gooners and many, many other fans have spoken about him as if he is totally useless then I feel you’ve either not paid attention or have short memories haha :wink:

If Harry Kane could have scored two goals against Iceland that would have been great :sweat_smile: