Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


Worse than the 8-2 for me. Full squad available, piss poor management and zero fight.

Ox undone all of his progress and certainly won’t be getting any fucking support from me any further.

Bunch of spineless cunts.


Same. This is the most embarrassed I have ever been as an Arsenal fan.


No! At least at Stoke we had chances. We had a goal that would have counted at any other time. We tried. Today, we were on the beach!


No the effort we put in last week, gets you this result at an inform Liverpool. I dreaded this fixture because of last weeks performance.


Liverpool’s third goal (Mohamed Salah) came only 12 seconds after Arsenal took a corner



This deserves a statement from the club


That is too many Wenger’s. 1 Wenger is enough!

I am so annoyed still. I don’t know what to do with myself. I am out in Liverpool for my friend’s birthday and I keep seeing Liverpool fans. No amount of alcohol is helping me. I am still angry


Ha I passed the anger stage a long time ago. Wasn’t even mad the whole game as I expected a hammering. For the third goal I couldn’t stop laughing as it was just so ridiculous to somehow concede from that and so Wenger at the same time.


Was anyone at the game today? If so what was the vibe from our fans?



Only at Arsenal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The shocking performance is a consequence of a poor management, consequence of a not good enough transfer window and a crazy XI sent on the pitch to play against one of the most dangerous team in this moment.

I’m sorry, as I said in the other topic I still love AW, consider him an ispiration and my football father, but needs to go as soon as possible. I can’t sustain another season of delusions, frustrations, humiliations and insomnia.

Impossible to justify Kolasinac out, Mustafi out, Oxlade on the pitch, Giroud and Lacazette on the bench with the third choice as starter, no protection for the defenders. same old problems on defense because we aren’t capable to defend as a team.

No words for our defenders, no words how Oxlade is a bastardar, the swiss overrated on midfield, Lazyil, Welbeck on attack, Bellerin on the left for the second game in a row,

What we need is a new board, a new management, new coaching staff and new players. The house needs to go down to be rebuilt.

Unfortunately in the short terms we can’t and they don’t want to change so much.

Mustafi and the donkey on the right will leave next week. What we need are two CBs (Mustafi replacement plus another one - van Dijk, Inigo Martinez, Howedes, De Vrij, Dragovic), a strong defensive midfielder (Krychowiak, William Carvalho, N’Zonzi, Fabinho, Danilo Pereira), a new RB who can kick Hector in the ass (Cedric, Henrichs, Pereira, Sidibe) and the Ox replacement.

Final words of my post: we called him snake but Robin van Persie was right.


Read the thread Oliver! I was at the match!


Ive just got back from this…what a bloody disgrace!!!

From the team selection, mystifying, to the players efforts, appalling, this was one of the worst days I have ever had supporting Arsenal.

We could not not understand why Lacazette was not starting, he has looked pretty decent so far, why was wellbeck starting?
Worse thing for me was, absolutely no effort from the players at all, Ozil was dreadful, wandering around in dreamland, Sanchez was no better in all honestly, and if the Ox is our third best player, as some have suggested, well then god help us…

You know, people take the piss about Jack, I tell you something, I wish we had his fight and his spirit today…it really was embarassing…


Ah okay let me look. edit: got it. The fuck word :smile:

Honestly I feel for you and any fan that puts money into attendance and gets to away games. Home games alone are often a ball ache but away, fans just deserve better.


I predicted 5-1, we only lost 4-0 :grimacing:


Lol at at MOTD saying Cech made a good save. Didn’t look like that in the stadium. And when you know what is coming it’s hilarious!


You got the GD right


I’m thinking of suing Arsenal. They are bad for my health, I’m gonna need medication for these pricks! Is anyone on here a lawyer?


Did you bet like i told you? :wink: