Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


No, but from now on I am gonna do as you say!


The worst thing is that we had at least van Persie in the 2011/12 season to save us, but now?


Well done!


Do you know what? RVP was right all this time! He said the club didn’t have the same ambitions as he had!


Sadly yes. We need to apologize to him.


He moved to Manchester United. Fuck him.


I believe Thierry was the same too. nightmare :frowning:


Yeah, I want to now




Thing is, we’ll turn over Bournemouth and whoever we play next at home, rising up the table somewhat. But, the precedent has been set for the season now, the whole ‘top 6 capitulation away’ thing, so for a lot of people any faint hope will have dissipated today, trust gone etc.

New signings required imminently to at least generate some positive chatter


It ain’t something we couldn’t have realised back then tbh. I believed him 100% when seeing the statement. Arsenal should have pushed on after pulling off third place that season.


Oh I know. This is just the straw that has broken my back.

Honestly, I have never been so mad about an Arsenal result before. I was getting ready for bed and I just threw my clothes across the room - as if it was their fault :see_no_evil:


Strange, I accepted this result with barely a flinch after the first one went in. I did expect us to score but knew we’d concede more than just the 1. It was like we were vulnerable Every Single Time they flooded forward with the brilliant Mane/Firmino/Salah.

Until the day Wenger leaves I won’t care about these big losses in the north west


That’s because you’re more realistic than me. I kept having hope that things will change. But yeah, now I’m on your team!


Totally the same. Just numb to it now.


Got another fucking day of talksport, Sky and Piers Morgan and Radio 5 picking this thing apart again.
Honestly feels like were filling the Moyes, Sunderland shit run club mode for these outlets.


I’m not listening to any of this. No TalkSport. No news. No podcasts. I’m staying in bed until it’s all over. Wake me up when September ends? Nah. Wake me up when bloody Wenger ends!


Someones been drinking tonight…


I thought we were friends now :hipster:


to be fair it is a bank holiday weekend. If you aren’t drinking then god damn it you should be.