Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


I forgot who said it but it describes Wenger to a tee in that he’s an analogue manager in a digital age.

It will never work.



The quickest route to goal is through the middle. Arsenal always expose their two CB’s.

So fucking true. Arteta used to suffer the same fate when he’d be left isolated with the CB’s. Our team discipline is an absolute joke.


I Googled Online Newcastle. There isn’t one. Guess I am stuck here.


We have had a problem away that has not been addressed by the manger season after season. That is why this result was not a surprise to me. Same old same why are you guys shocked. Players and management are equally to blame, because 3 of our own corners should not equal 3 Liverpool games wtf. Players are to complaisant and our manager to soft on this crap





Ooh thanks, I went for the OA way and put .com on the end of it.

Will anyone miss me?


@Phoebica Pheeeebs how bad did the atmosphere get towards the end? relative to tail end of last season. My last really bad one was Crystal Palace, which I’d have to describe as SEETHING :imp:


Of course! Don’t go. They won’t accept your strange Southern ways the way we do.


If i’d been on tinder between 4pm and 6, i’d have made more chances to score than us. And I’m an ugly fucker


Aw thanks. Glad someone appreciates me. :grin:


We will miss you! It will be a miserable season, but at least we can suffer through it together!



Arsenal keeper Petr Cech, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was unacceptable for a club of our size. OK, you can come and lose a match 4-0 if you have a bad day, when you are fighting but are unlucky, but not like how it happened today.

"We were not fighting, not winning any individual battles, and we completely failed to respond to their way of playing. This is the most disappointing thing. The only positive out of the game is that we have time to respond, because it is early in the seaosn.

“I don’t think it can get any worse than this. I believe we have a team who can respond to a difficult moment. With two defeats you can still win the league. If I didn’t believe we could respond I would retire and not play football anymore. We have shown our ability in many games.”


“Still win the league” :arteta:


How many times have we heard, "It can’t get any worse than this?"
Cech clearly hasn’t been paying attention.


I think it has been worse than this. I think the season we lost at old trafford 8-2, we also lost to blackburn 4-3 in a horrendous run of results to open up the season.

Also, i believe last season after the debacle at selhurst park, that was a pretty low ebb


I can’t remember a game where we were so completely flat the whole game. In previous matches like this we’ll have suffered a 20 minute collapse but they were just better than us from start to finish, 4-0 was a completely fair result.

We had plenty of the ball but did nothing with it. 8 shots and none of them on target. Fucking awful altogether.


I heard the fuck word more than I have heard it this year! Away fans are decent though, most stayed until the end. But yeah it was bad in general. Guy near me, who my uncle sits with a lot, said in 50 years - based on expectations - this is the worse chants/language he has ever heard from away fans


The fuck word lol.


Stoke was just as bad last week. Two grown bald headed arsenal fans punching the lights out of one another cos one was Wenger in and the other was Wenger out