Fantasy premier league 17/18


Hmm very interesting, thanks for the heads up!


Current squad.


Pedro, Zaha, Mounie in, Ozil, Sterling, Chicharito out




Forgot to show you my mates analytical team. All based on pre-season stats, I’m a little skeptical.


Dat midfield doe


Due to Alexis not being involved the first few games now brought in Manè and Pedro as temp replacements.

Changed KDB to Jesus as I think these 3 will score bucket loads as a trio

Also TFM is wearing a Utd top still but he joined CPL on a season long loan today. Absolute bargain at 4.5.


That is one expensive front line my friend. Well played


Yeah and that midfield and defence ain’t cheap either, that’s some impressive stuff.


I’m banking on Kane starting slowly again as he often does.


Updated team. This leaves me with 3 itb which is actually pretty useful as it allows me to see what happens in GW1 and 2 and let’s me figure out who’s starting at what teams and how they’re setting up. I can quickly upgrade to some decent players in midfield and attack while still fielding a fair bit of fire power in my team.

Daniels or Dawson as my 5.0 defender?


Not entirely happy with it but not sure who to change just yet


I like Daniels a lot very attacking FB that gets goals and assists but i’d start with WBA they have an easier start and Dawson is a big goal threat from corners.

Also love you took the Mounie advice :sunglasses: if I wasn’t going three heavy hitters he would have def been my third striker


Might tinker a bit tomorrow


I havent done a FPL for years. Anyone want to do a quick breakdown on where the points come from?



Not gonna lie that’s better than I thought it’d be the only thing it’s really lacking is a premium striker, other than that it looks solid as a rock.


Yeah it’s good but I question doubling up in defence and also relying on Stones



Just noticed you have 16 tabs open?! Also that task bar is an absolute mess :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you’ve got a point about stones, but as for Dave & Alonso they smashed it last season and look like an easy way to bank 8 points minimum in GW1, is a little risky though.