Fantasy premier league 17/18


Utd’s pre-season stats

It’s only pre season but Mhki’s on :fire:


My friend runs a football analytics company on the side and he’s doing an experiment where he’s only picking players based on what his algorithms are saying after the pre-season and Mikhi is like his number must sign player.


I’ve got Boufal right now purely because of his pre season form & I’m tempted to take Mhki too after his 3 goals an 3 assist in 349 minutes.

What’s your mates team looking like anyway any chance you’ve got a screenshot of it ?


Locked in now. Finally happy with my squad after a solid month of constant tinkering.

Carroll at 4.5 is a brilliant enabler. Will swap out Alexander-Arnold when Clyne is back in a few weeks and if Alexis doesn’t start the Leicester game I’ll swap him out till he’s back.


Same as that


Idk whether to keep Morata after that pen miss, his confidence might be gone but it’s Burnley… should be easy points


Finally submitted my team.

Gangsta’s Allardyce. Because I’m propa gangsta innit :kos2:


I’m so fucking lost.

Think I’ll do some proper tinkering tomorrow and then finally lock it in.

No idea who I’m going to to settle with. Fuck.


Going with this for the moment. Took Rashford out for Gayle as he’ll probably be getting more minutes in comparison, and a million cheaper too.


Xhaka is something I’ve been considering but I’m worried by his yellow cards.

With our injuries I think iwobi could be a good shout for a couple weeks!


Fucking :ok_hand:t4:


So you like shit football? :mustafi:


And shit music too.


:cech: @Phoebica :hipster:


I’ll take that. Feeling like a year under his belt will enable him to go up another level all-around. Expecting some more assists, guaranteed minutes, favourite Arsenal player/£5.5M is pretty deece.


Fair, he’s nailed on and cheap arsenal coverage.

Here’s my new team


If perez goes to Newcastle, he’s straight in for Benteke.

I have 1.5 itb and I’m still considering replacing Benteke due to his shit fixtures. Gabbiadini has some amazing fixtures and is cheaper so I’d have even more itb if I need to make some upgrades.


Go for Mounie from Huddersfield at 6.0. scored 14 goals for Montpellier last season and has scored three goals in pre-season already. His first 6 fixtures are very good to start with.

12 Aug 15:00 1 Crystal Palace (A)
20 Aug 13:30 2 Newcastle (H)
26 Aug 15:00 3 Southampton (H)
11 Sep 20:00 4 West Ham (A)
16 Sep 15:00 5 Leicester (H)
23 Sep 15:00 6 Burnley (A)

Worth a shout IMO and gives you a few more ££ to tinker with.


I have sublime taste in music :hipster:


Show it the music thread :hipster: