Arsène Wenger


We’ve won today :hipster:


I’d say we played pretty well and they scored from
Basically the only few chances they got, not that you couldn’t say that’s also a sign of things to come but still apart from 20 mins after they went ahead and we were panicking I think we played pretty well attacking wise


We are entering the 9th(!) season with practically the same (defensive) problems, transition and set-pieces, we had for the 8 seasons before this one. It’s a fucking disgrace.


His subs were the only good thing today. We looked not ready yet once again.


I think we are being a tad harsh of our makeshift defence.

Having Koscielny suspended and Mustafi out hurt us deeply.


I can’t get past the self-sabotage that allows a manager to start 3 at the back with no senior central defenders after all summer to prepare.


That’s true. Not sure about Monreal as CB. Thought it was a good idea, instead it doesn’t look so.


Ha we win a game 4-3 in the opener of the season, in dramatic fashion, and people are whinging already?

Embrace it first!


Nacho has done well enough previously at cb for 1 dodgy game this eve to completely right the idea off I think


Well that’s kind of what I am saying, I used the scoreline to make the joke but I was kind of expecting that we will not lose so knew what could be coming my way, so in that sense I wasn’t jumping the gun, I was taking advantage of the situation to have some banter. I wouldn’t have made the joke if it wasn’t RichardP who posted that because he had some beef with me lately because I called Arsene senile. And I think that tonight’s game was just a perfect example of how we haven’t moved forward an inch. So my point still stands because I think it is ridiculous to expect a really good season based on such an opening match, even though we won.


Boo fucking hoo


Some of us want to win the big prize.


After the first game?


They outplayed us in the first half and we didn’t look good or threatening until the last 10-15 minutes of the game.


After every game.


just midfield that were horrible and fed them chances really. and we had what… 4 full backs on the pitch? With regular defenders in the right positions and a midfield that can pass properly for 90 mins we would have looked a lot better I think.


I’ll tune into TalkSport and wait for you to call in.


You do that.


people wanting us to buy more CB’s are fucking nuts.

Kolasinac Monreal and Holdini should have been perfectly fine, the talent is absolutely there. Just a very typical trait of a Wenger team to have a cluster fuck of an opening game.

3 points in the bag, we go on.


Perfect game for the glass-half-full’ers and their counterparts to go at each other really :laughing:

Me I just enjoyed it. Wondering if Ramsey is on his way back into some monster form. We can’t play too many games without Kostafi tho, Monreal is individually a good defender but shouldn’t be leading the unit