Arsène Wenger


I just hate people defending Wenger right now :hipster:


What a goal Ramsey. Thanks @Oliver, @Kaner, @GunnerGirl and @Arsenal4thetreble couldn’t have done it without you.


Funny man :wink:


If we win this i want a video apology from @Luca_from_Italy


Only thanks to Giroud :wink:


Never in doubt :+1:


Maybe next time @Luca_from_Italy it’s best to wait after the 90 minutes is over huh? :smiley:


good subs, Ramsey and Giroud on, both score.


I’m elated with a comeback and “mental strength.”

Still, needs to sort this shit out–getting bossed by mid table teams at home


Still needs to fuck off. :kos2:


Jumping the gun a bit there @Gladiator :rofl:


Get your makeup on. I want my video




Ok, Croydon gangsta. I apologize, but fuck me, Wenger never fucking learns!


Not really, it was a terrible performance for the majority of the game and a sign of things to come. I am not usually one to embarrase myself publicly so I wouldn’t have posted that if I wasn’t ready for what could come. So go ahead, rub it in :smile:


team looks so unprepared YET AGAIN, yes we pulled it off in the end but the team looks so bad, the players couldnt pass to each other. Hope he realises we need more decent 1st team players and gets them done pretty damn quick.


Were we really that bad?

Ozil looked 60% with his injury.
No Alexis.
No Koscielny.
No Mustafi.

I thought Wenger’s substitutions were on point; particularly as 2 of of 3 scored in the last 10 minutes.

I personally think that Wenger has to make a decision about Cech when we get it CB’s back.




Haha come on, you were using the scoreline to laugh at someone else, and then we won. It was about as clear an example of jumping the gun as you’re likely to see :smile:

Your post is exactly the kind of thing going I’d say though lol, I’d just be more likely to wait until the final whistle is all


It was a fucking clown show from the kick off to the final whistle. I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but christ we’re still a shambles.