Arsène Wenger


I don’t see the point in maintaining an active ‘Wenger Out’ campaign when he patently isn’t going. Now that he has signed a two year extension I am fully behind the manager and hope he succeeds.

The time to leave was in February.


I hope he succeeds to, but I still want him gone. Yesterday.


Were you part of an active campaign before it was clear he wasn’t going? Because if not, “Wenger Out” is merely an opinion, and not one that needs to change based on the likelihood of him leaving.


Everyone wants him to succeed sure, however, we all know it ain’t happening not matter what he does.

Hence “Wenger Out”.


Okay. Well if those are the parameters, I’m still Wenger Out :wink:


I actually think we’re going to have a pretty good season. Call me a fool.


Probably you don’t know who Luke Hobbs is.


I won’t do that mate but I implore you not to put any money on it.


Luke Hobbs is be our interim Academy Manager following Andries Jonker’s appointment as Head Coach at VFL Wolfsburg.


Did a great job since Joker left the club and will keep the job this year because Mertesacker will replace him.


That still doesn’t change the fact that the job was vacant, does it?


:hipster: :mustafi:


Fool :rofl:


Lol, he’s got the team ready for the season.



I would like to reiterate



“Wenger signs new 2 year deal”




@Oliver, @Kaner, @GunnerGirl and @Arsenal4thetreble, shame on you, you Arséne yesmen!


the fuck have we done now? :joy:


This is all your fault and you know it.