Arsène Wenger


Ah that’s fair enough if you actually expected us to win, happy to take you at your word on that :+1:


Thanks @Luca_from_Italy I credit you for the win with that reverse type jinx during the match :heart_eyes:


Xhaka and Elney doesn’t seem to work. Sure, it was a makeshift defense, but yikes, they were bad.

Credit given on the subs. Ramsey decided to kill another celeb and the enigma that is Giroud scores a tougher than it looks goal (he was being fouled in the process) to save the team from an opening day disaster.

Gotta sort that D out pronto.


I believe I said I expected us not to lose don’t put words in my mouth now :wink:
They took the 2-3 lead too early and I was fairly certain we’d get back to 3-3 but from then on it really depended on when the goal would come. And even at 4-3 I was getting memories from our trip to Anfield in the CL in 2008 when Toure decided to climb on Babel’s back. I was on the lookout for Monreal to do a funny in stoppage time. :eyes:


Yeah alright mate 70 odd % possession and 20 odd shots on goal as opposed to their 6 shots in the game


6 shots on target really and I couldn’t care less for possession.


Tell that to DT over at AFCTV. He says we should have bought Virgil van Djik.


Van Dijk would be fantastic, but he would still factor into a ‘makeshift’ defence, if that makes sense.


doesnt help also that wenger has pretty much every single defender playing out of their natural position.


Christ! Another team would have destroyed us. It’s just the whole organization that is bad. Hopefully Kos, Musta and Rambo back can help us.


We will improve defensively, what was spot on was the subs and mentality to come back, so there’s good signs


Does anyone know if Wenger is allergic to making subs before the 67th minute?


Thanks for the recognition. It’s a tough business this OA posting stuff, but it’s only fair that if you get all the criticism when you’re losing you get all the credit when you win. I’d like to thank my teammates @GunnerGirl @Kaner @Oliver wonderful team effort.


Our new attacking frontline :xhaka:


Arsenal 4-3 Leicester FT:

Shots: 27-6
Pass accuracy: 85%-64%
Chances created: 24-4
Possession: 62%-38%

If You honestly think they played petter than us I don’t know what to say


You can’t read too much into stats to be honest. When Leicester won the league they had one of the worst possession percentages in the PL and the the lowest pass success rate.


It’s not coincidental that we ship in three goals when we have a makeshift defence like that.

Just one of Koscielny, Mustafi or Mertesacker in that central position, and I think we’d have been fine last night.


Is he going to do any more transfer business?

We clearly need at least one defender (what’s wrong with Chambers?) and a midfielder and probably a winger

anyone got any intel?


Leicester are certainly more prolific than Arsenal anyway.


Not according to your definition.