Arsène Wenger


Ramsey should have been sold in 2016, when Wales played a great European Championship.


Might’ve been tempting to sell him when he had a great tournament and his value was high but who else would’ve scored a cup final winner?


I’m just looking forward to how he deals with replacing Sanchez and Ozil when they leave next May :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ramsey needs competition for sure, and bringing in another CM on his level or higher should be done. But as it stands I would actually say he (more so than most) could really shine the most this season.

But I’m very much pro-Ramsey at the moment. Classy in a cup final!


Ramsey is another player i don’t get. Was fantastic for us 3 years ago, then a slow decay.


I think that’s just how we do it at Arsenal now. Pretty sure that during training they all just run around telling each other how great they all are.


6 trophies in 3 years. Le Boss! :hipster:




6 in 3 years is impressive!!


I hope you’re including the Emirates Cup and Asia Trophy too.


Why would he? Those are clear friendlies, he’s only including the competitive matches as he should. Ya know matches where when people get reds they get banned the next match.



Ah the nice clutching at straws we’ve been so accustomed to. Anyhow it’s nice to beat Chelsea. It being a friendly, 6 subs, no extra time and straight to penalties don’t really matter.



Should put this to bed for you


Only non British and kids think the Charity Shield is a trophy


Embarrassing behavior by Arsenal fanatics trying to downplay the achievements of our greatest manager ever. I bet you sad excuses for supporters will add in those community shields to Fergies total haul when trying to argue he’s better than Wenger. Disgusting behavior tbh.


No, i still count the CS as a trophy (a shit one though).




Seems a bit redundant considering how far ahead he is in actual trophies…


But wait, that’s you.