Arsène Wenger


Nah, that’s ARSENE fanatics. Easy mistake.


No offence but as a non English fan what you consider a trophy counts for fuck all

Have to grow up in English football to understand what this match is and youngsters or foreigners don’t get to redefine our history

It’s not a trophy, simple as that


That’s a load of horseshit.

Not that I think it’s meaningful.


There is history involved in football and culture

Someone from a different culture who does not know the history of football in my country does not get the right to redefine what is or is not a trophy.

Simple as that and young kids like you don’t either just coz you want the CS to mean something.

It means fuck all and never has in my 50+ years following Arsenal however much you and others bleat on about it


I never said it did mean anything. Quite the opposite in fact. No one is redefining anything either. They are offering their perception.

But the idea that others can’t look in and perceive differently just because of geography…well like I say, that’s horseshit.


I don’t put it down to geography as such, but I do think if A4TT had the fortune to get anywhere near a League Cup final ticket at Wembley, he’d quickly change his tune about it being a crap competition. Same with anyone. There is actually a reason why a majority of fans rank the trophies in the same order, League Cup being 4th, Community Shield being 5th.


I agree. Its because that’s the order they belong in. Not because of where people live.


I disagree. I think I have the most right to decide which competition is the most important especially because I’m a supporter from America. I’m more of an actual supporter than anyone in England because I’ve actually made a conscious decision on who to support as opposed to being brain washed by my family and or community. In that sense I’m a pure supporter. So having said that the following is the correct order.

FA Cup
Community Shield
Premier League
League Cup
Emirates Cup
Asian bullshit trophy that we just won
Champions League


Your trolling isn’t even funny or bad just embarrassing. :see_no_evil:


If you think everyone in gooner England supports Arsenal because of their community or family then you are clueless.

Your self-aggrandisement here is embarrassing, just as embarrassing as those who act like foreign fans aren’t proper fans.

The simple reality is that you’ll never really understand the different (note that I said different rather than other adjectives) bond you get when you’ve been going to the football for 30 years and have grown up in the community or in a family that all support the club.

You don’t get to claim that you’re more of an actual fan than someone who has been to hundreds of matches and grown up surrounded by the club when you’ve probably never been to a single match.


Why are people still biting to anything @Arsenal4thetreble says? Am I going to have to repost my Nimoy/Simpson gif again? :wenger:


My post was meant to be a little bit ironic, then @Arsenal4thetreble has entered in full trolling mode :grimacing:


You utter pillock, :smile:. No offense, but i think you’re an ignorant little cunt. :slight_smile:


I think he will find it very non offensive when being called a cunt :arteta:


Good. Cannot stand jumped up twats that look down their nose at foreign fans.

Luca is one of the most fanatical football fans about ffs. Hopefully illustrates that saying no offence doesn’t absolve you of being rude.


Fanatical or not he cannot go round saying ‘I say it is a trophy so it is’

Go on twitter and run a poll and see how many think it is

That are ripping the piss out of us coz of fecking idiots like you thinking bollox like this geez


Would like to know if Liverpool and Manchester United fans count the CS as a trophy when they debate who has won more trophies.


Best thing about winning the Community Shield today is we can quit this inane argument about whether it matters or not.



You are worse at understanding sarcasm than I am with memes & women.