Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


I hope not. No beer allowed in the stands. :nerd_face:


Hate it when mid-table/small teams come prepared well. Just roll-over for fuck sake.


Best game of the season


Just watched the highlights back. I needed to see Jamie Vardy up close. I got some joy out of seeing his smarmy face after he scored, knowing what was coming next.

Definitely the only kind of fox hunting I approve of!




More calm game needed at Stoke next week, that was a rollercoaster


I disagree with anyone saying our defense was bad. We thoroughly dominated the match. However we have some absolutely brainless footballers who need to be replaced in the starting xi. Constantly giving the ball away in dangerous areas.


@Arsenal4thetreble I know your an optimist dude, but if giving away 3 goals from inside the 6 yard box isn’t bad defending then I don’t know what is.


They never really threatened though when they had the ball. It was all dumb shit brainless players just handing them the ball in very very dangerous positions. I wouldn’t necessarily consider the “defending” bad per se. You can’t expect to have Nacho, Sead, and company to be in perfect position when Bellerin is being an idiot trying to dribble past someone about 20 yards from our own goal, or Xhaka is just aimlessly passing the ball to the middle of the field where there isn’t an Arsenal player for anywhere in the frame.


Eh, 2 goals came straight from a corner kick and the third one was a perfect delivery for Vardy. Still, it’s hard to argue that the defending was anything but bad when you concede 3 goals at home against Leicester.


Gotta build on this one. Keep getting max points early.


Just seen the highlights…shocker from Cech on the first goal.


So we go into our first game of the season with two full backs operating as centre backs, a CM turned RWB operating as a LWB and a goalkeeper who is clearly way past his best.

That was not a good performance by any stretch of the imagination. You can’t play with 3 CBS and concede 3 at home like that.

Xhaka showed the same vulnerabilities that plagued him last season with regards to how he plays when pressured. His passing was very slopppy whenever pressured and gave the ball away in key areas of the pitch.

Ozil should not have started. He was clearly operating below the required fitness levels for a PL fixture.

Laca performance was promising. Nice movement and showed he can handle the physical aspects of the game as well as the technical ones.


Is Kos back for this one?


Still suspended


Mustafi and Mertesacker should be available for Stoke.


It’s called total football!


:joy: :joy:




Just saw the whole game and agree with most things said in here already.

  • Kolasinac; is a tank, great signing, so aggressive.
  • Xhaka; has given the ball away in crucial areas about 5 or 6 times. Their first goal started by him giving it away, their second was a bit more obvious, howler of a pass wayward.
  • Chamberlain; looks decent, but needs a much better end product, probably better on the right
  • Ozil; was a bit meh, need more from him
  • Lacazette; Lol what a great header and celebration, was happy with his complete performance. Great debut
  • Holding; had his worst performance for us IMO. Gave the ball away a lot. Probably better suited next to more experienced center backs
  • Cech; didn’t look convincing all game. Thought that clearance when he sprinted to Vardy was more fortunate than convincing. Could have ended real badly lol.

Overall a very sloppy performance. Good in patches, but very poor as well. We need to get shit right asap, two big away games next. Delighted we got the 3 points of course. What an ending that was, Giroud’s header was lovely.

Thank fuck the concert was amazing, otherwise I’d be completely gutted lol. Was hard to ignore my phone lol. Actually turned it off at first, then after 10 minutes in I turned it on, saw ‘1-1’ thought FFS, turned it off again lol. Then at HT turned it back on, 2-2… Turned it straight back off :joy_cat: then back on after full-time. Went crazy when I saw the final score while standing in line to get my coat lol. Interesting night.


Fuck off Vardy