Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


Sead :sweat_smile:


From the highlights it look like Kolasinac was getting high up the pitch an unusual amount for a CB, no? Poor from Xhaka on the pass but tbh ElNeny is at just as much fault there for me, not sure what he was doing giving a first touch layoff to Xhaka there… just hiding and passing the buck, really.

Since I didn’t get the thread right the first time I’ll say it again (:joy:), it’s a bit bothersome to me that Iwobi after having a nice pre-season doesn’t start over Welbeck in a position which is much more suited to Iwobi than to Welbeck. If Welbeck is also ahead of him in the pecking order, when is the kid going to get minutes other than in the Europa League?

That said, from the highlights Welbeck looked alright, you all will tell me if that’s true or not I hope. :slight_smile:


Probably because playing Iwobi means we only have one recognised forward on the pitch and maybe an excess of playmakers. I’d still like to see it though given that I trust Özil and Iwobi’s ability in front of goal.


I honestly think that’s one of the best things (and possibly worse) about the 3 at the back, If We play mustafi RCB and Monreal/kola LCB when we are really putting the pressure on bellerin and whoever is LB become forwards and mustafi and monreal/kola become attacking full backs with one of the CMs dropping back help kosc or mert