Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


What a game, welcome back Arsenal :heart_eyes:


Top of the league!


All aboard the banter train lads, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride :campbell:


These kind of games are amazing if you win them!

Lacazette with a goal, Kolasinac with an assist. Two goals from subs and Xhaka (who I thought was not playing his best game tonight) had two assists.

Was ready to start and hate football again but Ramsey and Giroud were there to save us.


Never in doubt


Glad to know that I’m not the only one that wants to punch him. Defense made him look like an all-star.

Crazy comeback.


was a crazy game but am glad to be on the winning side of it, not happy to be conceding that amount of goals at home because we made the same defensive mistakes as we do every single season, I’ve had a sore throat for the last few days and have probably made it even more sorer from watching that, Vardy destroyed our defence (mainly Holding) but we scored 4 nice goals. Like I said I’m happy to finally start the season off with a win but not happy about the 3 goals we conceded, not sure who we have next but I’m looking forward to it


Don't need a defensive coach when you have a winger at right-back, two left-backs at centre-back and a right-back at left-back #AFC #ARSVLEI

— Anthony Derbyshire (@antsd1970) 11 August 2017



What a bloody opening game to miss. Sounded like a quality game to be at!

I’m just relieved we won after following the goals on phone, I’ll save the pessimism about the performance until our first defeat :smiley:


spare a thought for @Bl1nk he went to the cinema and missed it :joy:


He went to a concert for a change actually. :smile:


What a mess. But what a game.

My favourite part was when the guy in front of me said “why the fuck did we bring fucking Giroud on. He is fucking useless” only for him to score about 60 seconds later :sunglasses:


I’m so glad I benched Holding in my fantasy team


Did you throw your beer at him?


Not fussed too much about the gritty details of this one. Managed to catch the 2nd half and thought it was a brilliant game to watch! Thoroughly impressed with the result, 2nd win in 8 opening games now.

Lacazette looks class.


Everton forum’s rumour thread on Giroud when he scores the winner is quite good :smile:


Mike Dean must devastated.


And then they say Wenger is not innovative anymore!


I would have if I had one. No one disses my man :hipster:


Just got back from this, how good it is to have football back.
Firstly, Lacazette is going to be immense for us, as is…Giroud, he looked really up for it when he came on…
Going forward we looked pretty good, the Ox was outstanding, best Ive ever seen him, and, well, defensively…

Defending wasn’t too bad, we won most of the headers and didn’t look too troubled, our 2 biggest problems for me are:

  1. Petr Cech…he looked awful tonight, at fault for all 3 goals if im honest,

  2. When we try to bring the ball out of defence, we give it away far too easily, and THATS when we look awful at the back…
    As first games go, we got away with it, but 7 goals, late drama and a win…not too shabby in the end.