Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


If Chelsea had 4 out injured they’d be absolutely screwed, this is why we must not sell them Chamberlain for a paltry £25m

Monreal Kolasinac and Holding is pretty strong if you’re taking out Kostafi as the strongest. Best centre back options in the division, unfortunately it’s just not sustainable to operate with this many numerically


Those three arent tried and tested together yet so wouldn’t say its strong just yet. Might struggle with headers.


Everytime. Fucking annoying.



Bellerin, Gabriel, Giroud, Lacazette, Ospina, Nelson, AMN,

This team has plenty in the locker to beat Leicester at home.


Takes some doing to have a full summer since the FA Cup to improve the squad only to field an even weaker team than we did that day.


Times are grim when I’m missing Ramsey.


Not bothered too much about who’s missing. We’re still gonna beat em.


Chelsea never have 4 starting players out injured at the one time, who are you kidding ?



Great news!


Yep, really good to see Wilshere is fit so he can now be sold.




Good! Need Ozil back at least.



Shame Coquelin recovered so quickly but good news on the rest of them.


Some fan over here lads and ladettes.


No doubt, someone who will put political correctness aside for the good of the team. Aussiegooner, he’s the fan we need.


Holding mertesacker Monreal
Ox Ramsey Xhaka Kolasnic
Ozil Laca Welbeck

That’d be my team for tomorrow. TBH pretty even for me with Iwobi and Welbeck.


Lol reminds of when IORP used to wish further leg breaks on Ramsey


Interesting that in that XI, 6 can either leave on a free next summer or the summer after.