Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


The injury crisis is already beginning lol


Replaced him with Kane the other day. Almost feel sick for it


Haha I haven’t got any Spurs players. I might cave as the season goes on though if they continue their form from last year.


We’d be lucky if he’s back for the Liverpool game. This could be a tougher start to the season than expected.


Holding Mustafi Monreal
Ox Xhaka Elneny Kolasinac
Iwobi Lacazette

Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Wilshere, Nelson, Welbeck, Walcott


I’m waiting on the availability of Ramsey & Ozil before I make a prediction on this match.


Wouldn’t mind giving Welbeck a go. He was one of our best players on Sunday. Perhaps he can replicate his goal from our last game v Leicester


I’d imagine @AW49 has selected the 11 he has due to our severe lack of scoring power if we don’t start both Giroud & Lacazette.


I imagine it’ll be the same team as Community shield, with Kolasinac starting either LWB or LCB depending on Mustafi / Per fitness.


Fake injury. It sounds very strange.


Yep, drop Bellerin for Kolasinac who is in-form and that’s it.


Sanchez to miss start of the season due to him not being arsed to play for us anymore. I believe that’s the official statement.


Yep, just trying to force the move.


I’m glad we’re missing several players, I was starting to get worried that we might actually start a season well. That just isn’t the Arsenal way :sunglasses:


So cool :xhaka:


So we’re going to be without Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Kos, Mertesacker, and maybe Mustafi. That is four or five missing from our first choice starting XI. Typical shambles.

I would go with the 3-4-1-2.


Bench: Kola, Theo, Coq, Welbz, Chambers, Ospina, Nelson

That team should still be able to get it done against Leicester at home.


Why would you bench Kola?


I hate how our first lineup of the season always has to look like complete shit.


I would rather have Ox playing the LWB as we’ll need some creativity and offense from that position given that our CMs aren’t offering much. And I think Monreal >>> Kola as the LCB for the time being at least. Kola has not played much in that position in his career and I want somebody more reliable and steady, especially against a good counter-attacking side.


Good thing that Arsenal wasn’t proactive beyond Laca to bring in players to fill holes. Arsenal like to pride themselves on good financial stewardship, but their transfer dealings are piss poor. This club seems incapable of getting rid of players that clearly don’t have a future. And of course, the penny pinching (or is that pound pinching ) over buying a player does not save the club money, but in fact, costs the club money.

It is beyond infuriating that this club (or at least, the manager) simply refuse to use the resources that it does have.