Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


FUCK OFF! No chance to get the 3 points with that turd.


Don’t worry, I’m going to this game - I’ll throw something at him so he has to be substituted :smile:


You are the best! :wenger:


A brick?



That guy has made a ton of money betting against Arsenal over the years. He is awful.

Notable absences from the Arsenal lineup makes me want to change my prediction. Once again, the club goes into a season without business done. Arsenal needs fresh thinking in its transfer policy. Terrible at shifting out unneeded players and low-ball bids on players that would help make the team better.


even though we wont have a full strength line up out I reckon we will still win, I’m going for a 3-1 to us with Kelechi scoring first for them. We really need to kick the season off with a win after losing to West Ham and Liverpool in the last 2 seasons first matches


Slightly worried about this… we played pretty well over the weekend, but looked shaky at times and looked out of ideas as well… frankly, it was a game that should have ended 0-0 probably. Both goals were preventable.

I could see us struggling to score and hopefully we keep our defensive discipline… I reckon we take this 1-0 but am seriously concerned about the key players missing. Hopefully Laca breaks out and proves me wrong.


Holding-Nacho-Kola as our back 3 on friday?


Is mustafi definately not ready and will per definately be out from the head knock?


Per said himself he is not sure to play on friday.


Seems like all we got left… bellerin rwb and on lwb?

Not super excited about that if I’m honest but with 3 cb out, it is impressive quality considering.


We still have Chambers too if needed.


Remember what happened vs. Liverpool last year? :xhaka:


Holding Natchos and Kola…nice snack to be holding for the game, i might have it myself!


Need a strong start after our first 2 games last season, we had such a good run after but could’ve been top early :frowning_face: 3-0 Arsenal


Who’d start Theo in this one? Or is he better used as an impact sub against this counterattacking Leicester side?


Walcott should never play for us again.

Be great if he got one of his standard injuries to take it out Wenger’s hands.


Sanchez unavailable. Picked up a strain in training. He’s out for two weeks at least :expressionless:


Eugh. Will have to rethink the fantasy team now!