Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


It’s fine because players without a contract will play better /s


Trying not to get excited for this one :hipster:



Shame the first match falls on a weekend I won’t be able to watch it…gotta take advantage of the no-football-for-a-few-months effect that the first few Arsenal matches have before one gets bored of the same ol same ol.


Predicting us 6th but still can’t wait for this to kickoff, last few days going very slowly.




Can’t believe I will miss the game… Booked tickets to a concert months ago, before this match was rescheduled to a FUCKING friday, for fucks sake, whoever decided that is a big cunt.

Considering recording the game and watch it relive soon as I get home. Means I’ll have to isolate myself from the world until I get home. Challenge. Doubt I have the discipline, but we’ll see…



Getting hyped for this as well. I’m at a meeting all day tomorrow so this will be recorded and watched when I get home from work. Takes willpower but it’s the only way to watch.


Fair play to both of you, I just can’t watch an Arsenal game when it isn’t live. The whole experience just feels weirdly false to me, like I’m sat there trying to experience the tension of a match when in reality the result is settled already.

Going to work actually buzzing knowing that I’ve got an awesome evening to follow it and then the weekend.

Come on Arsenal, let’s fucking do this!


440 am wakeup for me, please get the job done lads.


Finally, the start of the season and the start of our journey to lifting this bad boy (a girl can dream) :sunglasses:


It’s a hell of a lot better than having to wait until like 2am, imo.


Me, too. Win or lose i am gonna drink tonight :arteta:. C’mon Arsenal!


Too heavy for us :hipster:


Yeah Mate I agree and given on workdays I get up at 530am my body clock is pretty much set for waking up early.




Check out this Superfan everybody :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha 19 years of doing it now its just become routine, not sure what the mrs thinks about it but she accepts it lol.


Getting up at 6am on a Saturday while I was in America doesn’t seem as bad now haha, although when I throw in the hangover that sort of mitigates it a bit for me


Getting home just after the game today :angry: I usually can’t watch a full game when it isn’t live but I just can’t wait until motd.