Zlatan Ibrahimović


Haha I don’t know why, I’ve never been a big Zlatan fan, but his public persona is about as good as it gets.


Not a great loss for the Premier League, but an ideal fit for LA Galaxy I imagine.




Shame he never won the Champions League but there we go…


His PR is great :smile:


Conquered America already


Love the commentator “OH COME ON. COME ON!”




King Ibra.


Fuck this guy.


No thanks. I have standards.


Gonna trample that league till he’s 40


Dybala Type Standards eh? :henry2:


Zlatan and Galaxy and MLS are perfect match.

Zlatan needs one more big paycheck and a place(big market) to idolize him.
Galaxy needs another big name (Donovan, Beckham, Keane) to compete again.
MLS can keep pretending that they are relevant in the world of football.


Hasn’t he taken a massive paycut?

The MLS is mega confusing to me, but it’s my understanding that he hasn’t been listed as a “designated player”, so doesn’t that mean he can’t be paid more than a couple of million a year? Some sources are reporting it as a 95% pay cut.


This is the grey area…
He will be like Beckham, taking a “pay cut” on the “salary”, BUT Zlatan can receive money from sponsorship, endorsements, and “revenue sharing”.

LA Galaxy three designated players are Romain Alessandrini, Giovani dos Santos, and Jonathan dos Santos. You probably won’t know or remember them if you don’t watch MLS. The revenue sharing is award to the superstar on the team that help selling merchandise, filling up stadiums and such.
Obviously the three designated players are not that marketable… so all the extra money will go to Zlatan.

Beckham earned a lot in the MLS not because of the salary (6.5m per year, 125k per week)… so I expect Zlatan will generate money like Beckham did.


He also likely received a decent chunk of the remainder of his contract with united.


That’s it. Forever a Galaxy hero from Day 1 :smiley:



Just came to post that. What a legend :grin: