Your Premier League Winners Dream Team

Create a team from the 6 different clubs that have won the title - United, Us, Chelsea, City, Rovers and Leicester

You’re only allowed a maximum of two players per club, although those can be from any of the years the club have won the title.

I know some of you might have to google that Rovers team :grin: I think I may even have to just to remind myself of those besides Shearer and Hendry.

Game on!

Not Liverpool?

…Henry Shearer CR7
Mahrez Kante Vieira Beckham
…Terry Toure Kompany

The main weakness is Mahrez operating as a wingback, I might have to sub in Graham Le Saux, Beckham is my ideal wingback though.

Nice team, although looks like you’ve snuck 3 Arsenal players in there :eyes::grin:

Can’t be including Liverpool just yet, even if they get the title they’re deserving of.

What a pairing Kante and Paddy would make :fire:

Toure is a City player I assume. Cheeky

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D’oh, good spot. Completely forgot he was there when they won the title :grin:

Henry Shearer

Mahrez Y.Toure Kante Ronaldo

Cole Terry Campbell Walker



No I’m picking Yaya as my ball playing CB




Zabaletta Terry Carvalho Evra

Mahrez Fabregas D. Silva Ronaldo

Henry Vardy

I can never picture Tim Flowers without seeing that goal he conceded after the ball bounced up off an indent he’d caused leaving him stranded :grin:

Ngl just googled Blackburn goalkeeper who won the league :joy:


Check out the goal on YouTube. It was bizarre :grin: