Young Talents


He never held the monopoly. F.e. a lot of these French players were playing in Italy and Spain of the '98 and '00 squads. We just get nothing noteworthy from there anymore post-2012. Which is weird.


When is Cyprien supposed to return?


No idea, I think he’s training.

@TheSpecialCnut Fuck, one search result says February or March.


Of course he did. They may have been based in Europe but they were predominantly French.


What :sweat_smile:?


Of course arsene Wenger held the monopoly. They may have been playing in Europe but were still French, and Wenger by proxy knew them.

– sorry, kinda drunk, posting during piss breaks :smile:


Holding a monopoly and knowing the market are two different things imo :wink:.


Yeah very fucking true tbh I concede :smile:


Federico Valverde, youth signing for Madrid that we were apparently interested in a few years ago, scored a goal for Uruguay on an impressive debut at the age of 19. On loan at Depor right now. More signs that Madrid is winning. :frowning: Their abundance of midfield talent is ridiculous and puts Barça–who Bartomeu yesterday insisted would benefit from the Neymar departure by returning to more their more traditional midfield oriented approach (:joy:)–to shame.


Depor fan I follow posted this during pre-season. We was definitely interested, jeorgebird posted a photo a while back of him on trial here, don’t think we can compete for these type of talents unfortunately.


Happened with Barca some years ago, now it’s Real’s turn.


Not really a big talent but 16 take ons! :joy:


Adama is the type of player you could convert to wing back and basically have Ox last season. Which effectively demonstrates how ridiculous it would’ve been to turn down a significant sum of money for him.



Would have over Walcott


After 4 minutes :joy:


Pietro Pellegri scored a brace for Genoa against Lazio yesterday, youngest ever goal scorer in Serie A already at 16.


Was about to post about him. Fucking hell! Only 16 years old and already 3 goals in Serie A. Let’s see what he can do in the future.



Bit jealous at Juventus, Monaco and Dortmund finding and signing good/great u-23 players like it’s nothing…I mean we got Nelson, but still.